The Mohican Caravan promises open-air adventure for all

Hotomobil Mohican Caravan Cube Camper Trailer
The two-sleeper Hotomobil Mohican Caravan is a compact, cube-like travel trailer. Images © Hotomobil

One of the most interesting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the apparent increase in the number of people who are looking to travel more independently, and closer to home. This in turn has spiked interest in mobile homes, caravans, all-in-one trailers and similar leisure vehicles and apparatus.

Turkish companies have become notable players in this growing sector, with Hotomobil being one of them. A particularly colorful cube-shaped unit they produce is known as the Mohican Caravan, a two-sleeper trailer that boasts some pretty innovative and impressive features.

The Mohican Caravan: small but mighty

The first impression most people get on seeing the Mohican for the first time is just how compact it is. At just 11.5 feet (3.5m) in length, it’s not exactly easy to compare it to what people typically imagine from a camping trailer. However, the deceptively small frame houses some great innovations.

The main source of space-saving on the Mohican is the kitchen. The more traditional tailgate kitchen that one might normally expect to find on this kind of trailer has been taken out and integrated into the interior design.

While the integrated kitchen design does create some questionable sleeping positions for some, the benefits of having a shorter, lighter trailer are great because it means you don’t need a huge SUV to tow the thing. In fact, with a total weight of about 880-lbs (400-kg) it can be towed by much smaller vehicles. In one promotional ad, it’s pictured as being pulled by a Mini.

Hotomobil Mohican Caravan Towed
The Hotomobil Mohican can be towed by small cars and SUVs.

The main feature of the interior is the bed, which measures 77 x 53 inches (195 x 135-cm) and is accessible by a single side door on the unit. Light floods in via a tall window adjacent to the door, via a longer side window or an optional skylight. The side window can also be replaced with a folding panel that doubles up as an outdoor dining table.

It holds a 12-gallon (45-liter) freshwater tank, fridge, solar panels, and a 50- or 100-amp battery, optional rooftop tent, an outdoor showering system and portable toilet, and more.

Benefits of the Mohican Caravan

To wrap up, let’s take a look at what makes the Mohican Caravan so special and attractive in an increasingly crowded marketplace.


As mentioned above, its lightweight and simplified design makes it an ideal unit for those who want the option of a teardrop-style camping trailer but don’t have a larger vehicle with a big towing capacity.

Hotomobil Mohican Caravan Small Size
Mohican Caravan measures 11.5 feet long and 5.4 feet high.

Perfect for a quick getaway

It’s not exactly a luxury camper, and it’s mostly designed to offer simplicity. But these are what make it the ideal choice for those who are looking for a way to simply escape the rat race for a while. They can hook the Mohican up to their car, drive into the forest or nearby hills and enjoy a peaceful night under the stars. For that, the Mohican has everything you could need, and more.


With prices starting at around €13,000 ($13,960), these striking camping units are very affordable, making the prospect of having a holiday trailer a reachable reality for far more people than with some other options. Learn more about the Mohican Caravan at Hotomobil’s website.