Fold-in-1-second 3-wheel tilting e-bike you can take anywhere

Afreda S6 Foldable Tilting E-Bike
Afreda S6 is a fold-in-1-second reverse 3-wheel e-bike for all terrain. Images © Afreda

Foldable e-bikes have recently hit the market, but most have missed the mark. The folding features never work properly, and the bikes are heavy and cumbersome. The company Afreda took note of these failed e-bikes and went to the drawing board. After a few years of designing, testing, and perfecting, the company revealed the Afreda S6. A foldable e-bike that can fold and unfold in one second.

Afreda S6 foldability

From the beginning, Afreda focused on creating an e-bike that people could take with them wherever they went. One of the biggest drawbacks of most e-bikes on the market is their hefty size and weight. These bikes might work great but lugging them around a city or town is unrealistic.

Afreda designed the S6 so that riders could fold it in one step, in one second. To achieve this, the team put two front wheels on the S6, making it a 3-wheel e-bike. This layout made it easier to design a bike that can fold in half by simply lifting a lever. The first owners of the Afreda S6 have reported that it is one of the best foldable e-bikes to hit the markets.

When the bike folds up, riders can push, pull, and roll it like a personal suitcase. The maneuverability of the Afreda S6 in folded form puts it in a class of its own. Most other foldable e-bikes have to be carried if riders want to transport them – that sounds heavy.

Afreda S6 folds in 1 second
Afreda S6 folds by 1 step in 1 second.

Shock absorption

Afreda designed the two front wheels with a suspension system that allows the bike to lean at a 40-degree angle without falling over – making it a tilting e-bike. Riders will be safe and stable on the Afreda S6 but still be able to enjoy high speeds on rough terrain.

The e-bike’s shock system allows the front wheels to move 11 inches vertically. Bumps, stairs, and curbs will be no match for the Afreda S6!

Afreda S6 front wheels vertical swing
The 2 front wheels have a maximum vertical swing of more than 11 inches.

Free Riding Mode vs. Self-Balancing Mode

The foldable e-bike comes with two different modes: Free Riding and Self-Balancing. Confident riders can enable the Free Riding mode to unlock the suspension system and push the Afreda S6 to its limits. It’s the ideal mode to use offroad on windy trails and rough terrain.

Novice riders can switch to the Self-Balancing mode, which locks the suspension system. Even at a complete stop, the 3-wheel e-bike will hold its balance – removing the need for a kickstand. The Self-Balancing mode prevents riders from hitting top speeds, but it’s a great option for a nice cruise.

Afreda S6 Self Balancing Mode
Afreda S6 holds its balance in self-balancing mode, removing the need for a kickstand.

Dual batteries

The Afreda S6 PRO comes with not one but two separately attached batteries. When one battery runs out of juice, the rider can simply flip a button and switch over to the next one. There’s no need to stop to change the batteries because it can be done while riding the bike!

On a full charge, the company claims the e-bike can travel 60-80 km (37-50 mi) and has a max speed of 40 km/h (25 mph).

Other features

The rear wheel incorporates a brushless hub motor, which is a 250-watt model for European Union countries, and a 500-watt version for North America, respectively. Some of the S6’s other features include hydraulic disc brakes; an LCD handlebar control unit; a padded rear seat/rack for a second passenger or cargo; plus a mini padded seat in front of the main saddle, for a small child.

Afreda S6 has two extra seats

Availability and price

Right now, the Afreda S6 can be ordered on Indiegogo and the company’s website. The foldable e-bike is listed at $2,399 (500 W version for North America) and $2,459 (250 W version for the EU). If all goes according to plan, customers should receive their bikes in just two months from ordering.

Source: Afreda