Extra-wide tiny house offers comfort and style in big ways

Kay's MitchCraft Tiny Home
The quaint exterior is covered with white-painted wood and metal siding, all offset by the natural textures of wooden shingles. Images © MitchCraft

When tiny homes first hit the market their narrow and simple builds were exciting and novel. For some, they still are. However, with more people trying to downsize in a less extreme way, traditional tiny houses cannot always make the cut.

Colorado-based, MitchCraft Tiny Homes recognized this absence in the market and capitalized on it. MitchCraft designed and built what is now dubbed as Kay’s Tiny Home, an extra-wide tiny house on wheels. While this house is considered a tiny home, its layout and expert utilization of space makes it feel comfortable and roomy.

An extra-wide build

While the typical width for a tiny home is around 8.5 feet, this tiny house is 380 square feet and 29 feet (8.8 m) long by 10 feet (3 m) wide. Many tiny home builders choose to keep these homes within legal towing limits, but that can come at the price of livable space. Therefore, it is no surprise we are seeing tiny home builders like MitchCraft expanding the boundaries to increase internal space and storage in the pursuit of more comfortable living. Due to the extra-wide build of Kay’s Tiny Home, owners would likely need to file for a special road permit when traveling with the tiny house.

Amenities and features

This tiny home has a full-size L-shaped kitchen fully furnished with major appliances, including a four-burner stove top with a convention oven, a microwave, a refrigerator, and a freezer. The kitchen also includes a generous amount of counter space to both cook and eat at, as well as skylights to add natural light while one’s cooking.

Kay's MitchCraft Tiny Home Full-sized Kitchen
The full-sized kitchen is a rare luxury in a home of this size.

Through a pocket door, owners will find a bathroom that is just as fully loaded as the kitchen. This tiny home includes a rainfall shower head, a soaking tub, a toilet, and a basin sink with a mirror.

In the master loft bedroom, owners can utilize a full closet to hang up dry clothes after using the built-in washer dryer unit. Adding some charm and tidiness to this space are the barn doors that conceal the washer dryer and closet when not in use.

Kay's MitchCraft Tiny Home Master Bedroom
The master bedroom is lit and ventilated by two windows to either side.

On the other end of this tiny home is a living room area and an additional loft space. In the living room, there are built-in double sofas, a large window bringing in more natural light, a bookshelf or storage shelf, and a pipe ladder leading up to the bonus loft. This bonus loft space can serve many different functions depending on the owner’s needs, such as storage, a guest bedroom, a home workout room, or an office.

Price and availability

This tiny home has a big price tag of approximately $171,000. This price is definitely on the higher end of the tiny home price spectrum. That being said, this tiny house manages to pack a lot into its extra-wide build and can be customized to best fit its owner’s needs. Kay’s Tiny Home can be quoted and purchased over at MitchCraft Tiny Homes.