Grande S1 tiny home expands to triple its size in minutes

PODX GO Grande S1 Expandable Tiny Home
A rendering of the envisioned final iteration of the Grande S1 is available, with the fully functional prototype still under development. Images © PODX GO

While there are many towable tiny homes on the market today, most remain no wider than the width of a typical road. The Grande S1, however, breaks this mold with its unique ability to expand to three times its towable size once deployed, providing spacious living conditions and a wide array of amenities. Developed by California-based startup PODX GO, the Grande S1 is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign aimed at raising funds to build a fully-functional demo unit.

Constructed with a high-tensile steel frame, insulated polyurethane wall and roof panels, and a laminate-covered plywood floor, the Grande S1 is designed for durability and comfort. When hitched to a super-duty truck such as a Ford F-250, the structure measures 19 ft 7 in long by 11 ft 6.2 in high by 7 ft 4.6 in wide (6 x 3.5 by 2.3 m). The entire unit, including trailering hardware, weighs a substantial 22,000 lb (9,979 kg).

The standout feature of the Grande S1 is its ability to expand rapidly once parked on a cement pad or similar surface. In just 15 minutes, the two sides can be hydraulically opened out by pushing a few buttons, increasing the total floor space to 364 sq ft (33.8 sq m). Inside, the Grande S1 boasts a living room/kitchen area complete with a countertop, cabinets, refrigerator, stainless steel sink, and faucet. The bedroom includes a king-size Murphy bed, a wooden folding desk, and a cabinet/closet, while the bathroom features a shower, flush toilet, and vanity.

Additional amenities in the Grande S1 include an air conditioner, water heater, CO2/smoke alarm, and a standard RV-type water inlet for connecting to municipal water systems where available. The tiny home is equipped with a full 120-volt electrical system that can be connected to the local grid, and buyers have the option to choose a solar energy storage system for off-grid use.

PODX GO Grande S1 Tiny Home Towing
The Grande S1 is designed to be hauled by a super-duty pickup truck, like the Ford F-250 or equivalent.

Interested parties can contribute to the Indiegogo campaign by making a deposit of $100, $2,000, or $5,000, which will go towards securing discounted prices of $69,000, $59,000, and $49,000, respectively. If the Grande S1 reaches production, the planned retail price will be set at $85,000.

It is important to note that PODX GO has not yet built a fully-functional demo of the Grande S1, which is the purpose of the crowdfunding campaign. However, those interested can view a video of a portable college dorm created by the company that operates on the same basic principle as the Grande S1.

With its innovative design, rapid expansion capabilities, and numerous amenities, the Grande S1 has the potential to revolutionize the tiny home market. By combining the convenience of towable homes with the spacious living areas usually only found in stationary structures, the Grande S1 offers a unique solution for those seeking a flexible and comfortable living space.

PODX GO Grande S1 Living Room Kitchen
The Grande S1’s living room and kitchen.
PODX GO Grande S1 Tiny Home Folded Out
When fully expanded, the Grande S1 has a total floor space of 364 sq ft.
PODX GO Grande S1 Tiny Home Bedroom
The Grande S1’s bedroom.
PODX GO Grande S1 Tiny Home Storage
The bedroom features a cabinet/closet.

Update on 21st July, 2023: PODX GO is now taking pre-orders for the Grande S1 on their website. Pricing starts at $85,000. You can choose from three floor plan options, and reserve your Grande S1 by making a deposit of $200. The delivery lead time is 90 days.

Source: Indiegogo, PODX GO