Bike eRack: The motorized solution for loading bikes onto cars

Bike eRack Motorized Loading Unloading Bikes
The Bike eRack's latest MX line is robust enough to handle motorbikes while maintaining its compatibility with mountain bikes. Images © Bike eRack

Transporting bikes on a vehicle’s rear rack can be a challenging task, particularly when dealing with heavy electric mountain bikes or motorbikes. Enter the Bike eRack, a revolutionary motorized rack designed to make bike transportation simpler and more accessible.

Design and functionality

The Bike eRack is a Canadian-made anodized aluminum rack system that mounts onto a vehicle’s 2-inch trailer hitch. It connects to the vehicle’s electrical system through an RV-style plug. The eRack is available in a variety of models, all working similarly, and comes in a choice of 16 colors to suit different preferences.

To use the eRack, the user begins with the rack lowered parallel to the ground. They roll their bike forward, inserting its front wheel into one of the wheel holders and securing it with an integrated rubber strap. The user then presses a button on a wireless remote, prompting the motorized rack to rise vertically, lifting the bike with it. The rear wheel of the bike is secured to the rack with another strap. Removing the bikes from the eRack is just as easy, as users simply reverse the process.

Security and convenience

The eRack securely locks to the vehicle, and bikes can also be locked to the rack for added protection. If users need to access the vehicle’s rear hatch, they can do so by lowering the eRack partway down, without the need to remove the bikes. This feature adds convenience for those who frequently transport bikes and need to access their vehicle’s cargo area during trips.

Bike eRack Sans Bikes
The Bike eRack, shown here without bikes attached; has the capacity to load up to 5 bikes.

Additional features

The Bike eRack comes with built-in running lights, brake lights, and turn indicators to improve visibility while driving. It also features a lighted license plate frame and an emergency stop switch located on the rack itself for added safety.

New MX line

The company recently announced the launch of the new MX line of the Bike eRack, specifically designed for motorized dirt bikes. Prices for the MX line start at CAD$2,499 (approximately US$1,850) for a one-bike model, and go up to CAD$4,599 (US$3,405) for a model that can accommodate two full-size dirt bikes and one pit bike. Alternatively, this model can also hold up to five mountain bikes, electric or traditional. The original, more mountain-bike-oriented line starts at CAD$2,399 (US$1,776).

Bike eRack Multiple Mountain Bikes Loaded
The eRack effortlessly accommodates four mountain bikes (pictured), making transportation a breeze for outdoor enthusiasts.


The Bike eRack offers a practical, efficient, and easy-to-use solution for bike transportation. Its motorized lifting system, security features, and various models make it a versatile and valuable investment for bike enthusiasts. The introduction of the MX line expands the eRack’s capabilities to accommodate motorized dirt bikes, further enhancing its appeal to a wider range of users.

Source: Bike eRack