The ARGO Sasquatch XTX: Setting the pace in amphibious off-road vehicles

ARGO Sasquatch Amphibious Offroad Pickup
The ARGO Sasquatch effortlessly carries tools and supplies, thanks to its imposing 71-inch tires that can conquer any terrain. Images © ARGO

The Canadian-based manufacturer, ARGO, is renowned for building some of the most versatile, all-terrain vehicles on the globe. As part of their strategy to meet the diverse needs of off-road enthusiasts and commercial entities alike, ARGO has launched the Sasquatch XTX, an amphibious powerhouse with 71-inch tires and a fully functional pickup bed.

ARGO’s reputation is entrenched in their iconic amphibious 8×8 ATV/UTV lineup – extraordinary vehicles with eight driven wheels offering vast space for hauling. In addition to this, ARGO introduced the Centaur XT, a sturdy commercial vehicle, elevated on 71-inch tubeless tires, designed to transport crews across the most challenging landscapes.

In 2021, ARGO commenced offering the co-branded Argo Sherp Pro and Pro XT, which developed into the Centaur XT a year later. The Centaur XT is assembled to ARGO’s specifications by Sherp and then shipped to Ontario, where ARGO makes their modifications and completes the final assembly.

However, the Sasquatch XTX represents a leap forward for the company. Unlike the Centaur series, ARGO has designed, engineered, and manufactured the Sasquatch entirely in-house. This colossal, bloated-tire amphibious vehicle comes equipped with a pickup-style “FlexBox”, asserting ARGO’s commitment to innovation and utility.

ARGO Centaur XT over ice
The ARGO Centaur XT confidently traverses icy terrains where other off-road vehicles would falter.

The 13-foot-long (4-m) Sasquatch targets competitors such as the Fat Truck from Quebec, boasting massive 71-inch tires compared to the Fat Truck’s 65-inch tires. In terms of all-terrain mobility, the Sasquatch looks set to rule the off-road world.

The Sasquatch’s exceptional off-road capabilities are due, in large part, to its specially designed ARGO XT328 tires. These tires, subjected to extreme testing, optimize climbing, swimming, and all-around off-road performance. ARGO’s unique tread pattern, transitioning from cupped to flat, enhances water propulsion, sidehill grip, and versatile traction, offering unparalleled control in any environment.

Under the hood, the Sasquatch features a robust Doosan 1.8-L three-cylinder turbo-diesel engine coupled with an HDT e-Steer automatic transmission from ARGO’s parent company, ODG. This combination utilizes the company’s Instant Torque Drive System, delivering impressive low-end torque essential for varying terrains. Additionally, a power steer-by-wire system allows familiar wheel control and a zero-turn mode, providing the vehicle with the ability to turn in place.

ARGO Sasquatch Amphibious Pickup Side View
The ARGO Sasquatch with its impressive 71-inch tires.

The Sasquatch boasts a top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h) on land and 4 mph (6 km/h) in water. It stands 9.4 feet (3 m) tall with 26 inches (660 mm) of ground clearance, capable of ascending and descending slopes of up to 35 degrees and navigating sidehills of up to 30 degrees.

The vehicle’s FlexBox bed offers a sizable 57.5 cubic feet (1.6 cu m) of cargo space. It’s constructed to carry heavy-duty equipment, equipped with a swing-out tailgate, fold-down access ladder, sealed floor with two drain plugs, and tie-downs. Additionally, a lockable side storage box provides 3.8 cubic feet (108 L) of secure storage space, while a 2,800-lumen LED light ensures visibility even in the darkest conditions.

When it comes to passenger comfort and safety, ARGO collaborated with Custom Products to design a spacious, four-person cab. The cabin features windows on all four sides for enhanced visibility, UV light filtration, and a three-point belt for each seat. An emergency transparent roof hatch is included as a safety feature, should an unexpected situation arise.

ARGO Sasquatch Amphibious Pickup Color Touchscreen
The 12-inch color touchscreen in the Sasquatch offers a plethora of data and functionalities.

The Sasquatch’s 12-inch color touchscreen isn’t just for basic vehicle information. It also provides an inclinometer and controls for the tire inflation system. This sophisticated system allows drivers to automatically inflate or deflate all tires at the touch of a button to optimize performance in mud, snow, and water. The cabin also boasts a climate control system, a Bluetooth audio system with overhead speakers, and a rear camera view, enhancing both comfort and safety.

While the Sasquatch is an exceptional vehicle for any off-road enthusiast, it also forms a key part of ARGO’s commercial vehicle lineup. Its design is particularly suited for transporting crews and gear to remote work camps. However, we anticipate its remarkable off-road and amphibious capabilities will find favor with adventure seekers looking for a vehicle that can tackle Canada’s deepest, wettest wilds with ease. We look forward to the inevitable adventurous exploits captured on video and shared on YouTube in the near future.

ARGO Sasquatch Amphibious Pickup Uses
The brand-new ARGO Sasquatch XTX is designed to serve vital sectors such as oil and gas, forestry, and utilities.

ARGO has yet to disclose specific pricing information for the Sasquatch but plans to release more details as it approaches the vehicle’s Fall 2023 launch. With its incredible versatility, all-terrain capability, and commitment to comfort and safety, the Sasquatch XTX is undoubtedly set to leave a lasting footprint in the world of off-road and amphibious vehicles.

Source: ARGO