The bizarre 18-wheel-drive electric ATV

18-Wheel-Drive Electric ATV
Bringing the power of 18: Wheels, Motors, and Suspensions, the 18 Wheels electric ATV is a unique off-roader. Images © 18 Wheels

The Finnish company, 18 Wheels, has conceptualized an off-roading vehicle like no other – an all-electric all-terrain vehicle (ATV) with, you guessed it, 18 wheels. Quite fittingly, the company’s name accurately represents its flagship product, aptly reflecting the number of wheels on the novel vehicle.

While such a configuration might seem unusual, the company has made a firm commitment to this design. Each wheel of the 18-wheeler ATV is independently suspended and electrically powered, making the vehicle incredibly adaptable to harsh, uneven terrains. Its unique design not only makes the vehicle look like a mobile caterpillar, but also grants it the agility and maneuverability one would expect from a caterpillar moving over rocky terrain.

In its 2022 prototype, each wheel was hung on a spring-loaded piece of metal that trails backward, allowing the ATV to traverse obstacles like small logs with ease. This already unconventional system was given an overhaul in the next-gen model. Here, each wheel is suspended by an arm that extends sideways from the vehicle’s center, also equipped with its own monoshock. This adjustment aims to further enhance the vehicle’s ground navigation abilities.

The steering system in this ATV is ingeniously designed. It maneuvers by having the wheels mimic the motion of side-crunches. Although there’s no detailed clarification on the mechanics of this system, it is expected to employ some level of advanced electronics. This would allow the ATV to avoid having an excessively wide turning circle. The idea of outer wheels moving faster than the inner ones to execute turns is an interesting concept to explore.

18-Wheel-Drive Electric ATV Weird Looking
Such a strikingly unconventional vehicle.

18 Wheels’ daring suspension arms even tilt forward. The company assures that their design will comfortably roll over obstacles as high as 20 cm (around 7.9 in) “without loss of speed.” However, queries arise as to what would happen if the ATV encounters obstacles higher than that. Would the 18-wheeler ATV manage to maintain its momentum, or would it falter? These questions remain to be answered as the vehicle continues its testing phase.

18-Wheel-Drive Electric ATV Fallen Tree
Fallen tree in the path? Merely a stepping stone for the 18 Wheels ATV.

Eldar, the CEO, CTO, and Founder of 18 Wheels, has assured potential customers and curious observers alike of his prowess in physics and operational excellence. Eldar’s expertise is seen as a promising sign that the company is capable of overcoming the technical challenges posed by this unconventional design. He is well equipped to troubleshoot and refine the vehicle, ensuring it offers an unmatched off-road experience.

18-Wheel-Drive Electric ATV Next Version
The forthcoming model intends to equip each wheel with an individual suspension arm and monoshock.

The 18-wheel electric ATV raises an important question: what specific problem is it solving with its innovative design? Perhaps it’s redefining the norms of off-road vehicles, challenging the status quo with an ambitious attempt to improve adaptability and maneuverability.

In Finland, there’s a saying: “eteenpäin sanoi mummo lumessa.” Translated roughly, it means “forward, said grandma in the snow.” This phrase may well apply to 18 Wheels and their extraordinary ATV. The company is unquestionably moving forward with a bold vision, and the world is waiting to see what the next prototype brings.

18-Wheel-Drive Electric ATV Rocks
Beach rocks? Just another playground for the 18 Wheels ATV.

Source: 18 Wheels