Swedish startup introduces flat-pack, recyclable electric microcar ‘Luvly O’

Luvly O Flat-Pack Electric Microcar
The Luvly O, a Swedish-designed electric microcar, offers flat-pack assembly and boasts recyclable components for sustainable urban mobility. Images © Luvly

In an era dominated by technological advances, a Swedish startup, Luvly, has introduced a pioneering approach to urban transportation. The Luvly O, their recyclable electric microcar, aims to address several urban challenges: environmental sustainability, affordability, and the need for compact transport solutions.

Redefining Car Assembly: The Flat-pack Revolution

Drawing inspiration from the famed Swedish furniture company Ikea, Luvly has devised an innovative way to distribute their vehicles. Instead of shipping a fully-assembled car, Luvly sends out the microcar’s components in a kit form. These flat-packed parts are then delivered to local “microfactories” situated near customers. The design promotes an environmentally friendly distribution method by reducing shipping emissions and related costs.

Additionally, the parts are crafted to be interchangeably connectable, allowing easy assembly. Luvly O leverages advanced 3D composite sandwich structures in its design, ensuring a lightweight yet robust build capable of withstanding the demands of city and out-of-city drives. The vehicle arrives with its main frame, but integral components, including windows, roof, seats, and dashboard, are dispatched to the closest micro-factory for installation.

Features Tailored for Urban Environments

The Luvly O’s design caters specifically to urban users. Its spacious and minimalist cabin comfortably accommodates two individuals. Within its sleek interior, a small display is mounted above a modestly-sized steering wheel, and a broad bar can accommodate tablets or smartphones for navigation and entertainment needs.

Luvly O Flat-Pack Electric Microcar Launch Date
Luvly O marks the startup’s debut into the electric car market, set to launch in late 2023.

Apart from its chic design, the car’s functional features also shine. Equipped with two removable batteries, Luvly O ensures uninterrupted drives. These swappable batteries can be charged virtually anywhere, from homes to offices, offering a convenient alternative to long waiting times at charging stations.

A Sustainable Vision

The components of the Luvly O are not just designed for user convenience but also with an eye on sustainability. The parts are recyclable and potentially manufactured from renewable sources. Once the vehicle’s lifespan concludes, owners can return the components to a micro-factory for responsible recycling.

Luvly O Flat-Pack Electric Microcar Rear View
Rear view of the Luvly O electric microcar.

Safety is another area where the Luvly O doesn’t compromise. It is fitted with energy absorbers around the chassis and boasts a sandwich-composite safety cell that protects passengers, ensuring a safe journey even in the compact design.

Pricing and Specifications

Slated for launch in the latter half of 2023, the Luvly O’s pricing is set around 10,000 euros, equivalent to approximately $10,700. For this price, customers get a car capable of a top speed of about 56 mph, making it suitable for short highway stints. However, potential buyers should note the range of approximately 60 miles between charges.

Luvly O Flat-Pack Electric Microcar Dashboard
Inside, a compact display sits atop the steering wheel, complemented by a bar to secure tablets or smartphones for navigation and infotainment.

Its compact size, comparable to a Smart Car, promises easy parking, a vital feature for crowded urban areas. With the Luvly O, the company has set a strong foundation for more urban models they plan to introduce in the future.

In Conclusion

Håkan Lutz, Luvly’s CEO, encapsulates the company’s philosophy. “Our light urban vehicles emphasize the values of positive communal living: consideration, temperance, and taking responsibility not just for yourself, not even just for your children, but also for your neighbor. With our combination of patented tech innovation and sophisticated licensing and logistics structures, we believe Luvly is poised to become a world leader in the urban transport of the decades ahead,” he says.

Luvly O Flat-Pack Electric Microcar Parking
With its compact design, the Luvly O ensures effortless parking even in tight urban spaces.

Source: Luvly