Long-range e-trike with puncture-proof tires is designed for sand, gravel and road

Vook Electric Tricycle
Vook e-trike with puncture-proof tires keeps you drifting on and off-road. Images © Vook

The world of sustainable transportation is rapidly evolving, with countless companies entering the fray to offer eco-friendly alternatives to traditional vehicles. Among them, Middletown-based startup Vook Bike stands out with its e-trike – a vehicle designed for a wide array of terrains, right from sandy beaches to bustling streets. Here’s an in-depth look at what Vook offers.

Henry Miller, the co-founder of Vook Bike, emphasized the inspiration behind the creation of this innovative electric tricycle. In a press statement, he noted the lack of stylish, versatile, and functional electric tricycles available in the market. Vook’s dedicated team aimed to combine expertise with creativity to bring forth an electric vehicle that would cater to diverse user needs while ensuring utmost comfort and reliability.

The design of the Vook e-trike exudes a Big Wheel or a drifting trike aesthetic. Central to its design is the robust aluminum-alloy frame, customizable in various colors. Comfort meets style with its custom-made bucket seat made of eco-leather and fiberglass. Vook has integrated a 20-inch fat tire at the front, and the rear boasts two hub wheels, each fitted with a 6.5-inch tire. Hydraulic disc brakes at the front and back ensure that the trike can halt smoothly and promptly.

The Vook e-trike distinguishes itself with its battery performance. Depending on the version, it promises a per-charge range of up to 110 miles (180 km) for its 50-Ah/62-V (3.1-kWh) variant and 80 miles (128 km) for its 30-Ah/62-V (1.86-kWh) counterpart. Not just that, the Li-ion battery also doubles as a power bank, capable of charging gadgets, adding to its utility quotient.

Vook Electric Tricycle Removable Battery
The detachable Li-ion battery doubles as a portable powerbank, boasting a 120-W USB-C port, dual 32-W USB-C ports, and two 20-W USB Type-A slots.

Unlike some of its competitors, Vook’s e-trike omits pedals and instead relies on a thumb throttle for speed. With two hub motors, the e-trike can touch speeds up to 40 mph (65 km/h). Riders can choose from four driving modes, tailoring their riding experience according to their environment and preference.

One of the unique features of this trike is its water-resistant LCD display, which offers insights such as distance, speed, battery status, and navigation aids. For those inclined to switch it up, the display can be replaced with a smartphone running the Vook companion app.

Vook Electric Tricycle Off-road
On-road, Vook e-trike hits 20 mph, but off-road boost mode pushes it to 40 mph.

Security is paramount for Vook. Riders can unlock the e-trike using a fingerprint scanner situated on the handlebar or via the app. The addition of a GPS tracker in both the battery and the frame offers a further sense of security. However, users would need to have an activated SIM card with a data plan to utilize this feature.

Vook Electric Tricycle Puncture-Proof Tires
The Vook e-trike boasts puncture-proof tires, with a 20-inch fat tire upfront and two 6.5-inch tires in the rear.

In terms of additional features, Vook e-trike has left no stone unturned. The trike boasts a custom LED headlight capable of emitting lights in various colors, thus enhancing visibility. It also comes equipped with both front and rear 1080p cameras. While the front camera can act as an action cam, capturing the joys of the journey, the rear camera, paired with onboard sensors, boosts ride safety.

Despite its myriad features, the Vook e-trike maintains a lightweight profile, weighing in at 88 lb (40 kg) and can handle load capacities up to 264.5 lb (120 kg).

Vook Electric Tricycle Range
The Vook e-trike delivers 110 miles on a single charge, powered by dual 3-kW hub motors, and reaches top speeds of 40 mph.

For those interested in getting their hands on this cutting-edge piece of technology, Vook is currently conducting a funding campaign on Indiegogo. The starting price for early backers is set at US$2,300. Potential buyers should approach crowdfunding campaigns with caution, keeping in mind possible risks. However, Vook Bike, with its promise of sustainability and innovation, seems poised to make a significant mark in the electric transportation arena. Shipping is anticipated to commence from December, heralding a new chapter in sustainable personal mobility.

Vook Electric Tricycle On the Road
Whether you are commuting to work, taking a relaxed spin, or seeking a dash of thrill, Vook has got you covered.

Source: Vook