Suzuki presents weird 4-legged, stair-climbing motorcycle

Suzuki MOQBA 4-legged Stair-climbing Motorcycle
Four nimble electric wheels, each mounted on a robotic leg with three degrees of freedom, attached to a distinctive double-boomerang frame. Images courtesy Suzuki

Suzuki has made a remarkable entrance into the world of next-generation mobility by unveiling an extraordinary quadruped motorcycle named the Suzuki MOQBA. Introduced at the Japanese Mobility Show, the MOQBA redefines conventional transportation methods by bringing robotic ingenuity and versatility to the table.

Unlike any other motorcycle, the MOQBA showcases four small electric wheels each attached to a robotic leg with three degrees of freedom, suspended from a unique double-boomerang frame. This ingenious design allows the MOQBA to conquer terrains and climb stairs, expanding the horizons of where a mobility device can go.

The MOQBA, short for MOdular Quad Based Architecture, is a brilliant amalgamation of robotics and transportation. Its design enables various modifications. The chassis can accommodate diverse configurations such as a sit/stand motorcycle seat, wheelchair, stretcher, garbage bin, robotic arm, or a carry basket. This flexibility heralds a future where one device can meet multiple mobility and transportation needs, adjusting itself according to the user’s requirements.

Unlike the traditional motorcycles that rely heavily on suspension, MOQBA leans more towards a robotic constitution, comparable more closely to Hyundai’s Ultimate Utility Vehicles than to any conventional quad bike.

Suzuki MOQBA 4-legged Stair-climbing Motorcycle Seat Unit
The seat remains horizontal even as the legs are positioned at various angles.

Its capability to climb stairs with a calculated, leg-by-leg movement promises a new era of accessibility. Although it may not provide the quickest ascent, it ensures that the chassis rotates around the seat, maintaining a level positioning for the load or passenger even when navigating uneven surfaces like stairs.

Suzuki’s MOQBA proposes a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) and boasts a range of up to 50 miles (80 km) as reported by The Ecofinance. While it might not compare with the high-speed motorcycles, it stands as a powerful proposition for next-generation mobility solutions, particularly benefiting the elderly and disabled. Its design promises to facilitate easy access to a variety of locations, including subways and rough terrains, and even areas traditionally not built for wheelchair access.

Suzuki MOQBA 4-legged Stair-climbing Motorcycle Stretcher
With an onboard stretcher, the Suzuki MOQBA can be used for rescue and recovery in challenging terrains.

The MOQBA doesn’t just stop at personal mobility; its versatile design makes it a practical option for disaster recovery operations. Equipped with a stretcher, it could be utilized by rescue teams to transport injured individuals through challenging terrains, ensuring stability and comfort.

Furthermore, its robust chassis also presents a potential platform for various autonomous or remote-controlled robots, expanding its usability into diverse functional areas. As for pricing information, there’s no specific detail available currently.

Suzuki MOQBA 4-legged Stair-climbing Motorcycle Modular
With its modular top section, the Suzuki MOQBA can be adapted with seats, stretchers, or baskets, offering versatile solutions for diverse mobility needs.

Source: Suzuki