Semi-enclosed, three-wheeled, pedal-powered vehicle with electric assist

Veemo Semi-enclosed Three-wheeled Pedal-powered EV
The Veemo SE is a sustainable commute option with a 70km range, 60-liter cargo space, and 32kph top speed, redefining urban mobility. Images courtesy Veemo

In a world incessantly battling against carbon footprints and seeking sustainable alternatives in every sector, Veemo SE Consumer Edition emerges as a beacon of revolutionary and eco-friendly urban transportation. Powered by the dynamic ENVO powertrain system motor, the Veemo SE is a semi-enclosed, pedal-electric vehicle that has evolved through extensive research and development, making its mark as a unique and practical utility vehicle, in sync with the ever-changing urban landscape.

Veemo SE is a velomobile that stands apart, marrying elegance with utility, while ensuring an efficient journey from one point to another with remarkable consistency. It presents a brilliant combination of manual and electric power, promoting not only eco-friendliness with its zero-emission design but also facilitating a cost-effective mode of transportation, which runs “for pennies on the dollar compared to driving a car.”

The Veemo experience is epitomized by its Full-Power Ride Mode, promising a versatile and powerful commuting option. Whether it’s a quick trip to fetch groceries or a daily commute to work, Veemo ensures that the journey is smooth, reliable, and environmentally conscious. It offers an onboard cargo storage capacity of 60 liters, ensuring that carrying essentials or additional items never becomes a hassle.

Understanding the diverse demands of urban commuting, the vehicle ensures that riders reach their destinations feeling fresh and comfortable. It provides a balanced commuting solution that allows riders to get some exercise without the inconvenience of breaking into a sweat, ensuring that riders start their day on a refreshing note.

Veemo Semi-enclosed Pedal-powered EV Weather Protection
Veemo’s ePod enclosure acts as a shield against the elements, ensuring a comfortable ride in rain or shine, while keeping both rider and cargo protected.

Veemo embodies a vision that champions a decrease in carbon footprints, encouraging commuters to indulge in a mode of transportation that harmonizes speed with sustainability. It is engineered to adapt to the varying challenges of urban roads. The electric motor assist, coupled with a constantly variable rear hub, intuitively changes gears based on the rider’s style and the demands of the terrain. Such insightful automation allows the vehicle to optimize battery range and maintain a seamless journey even when carrying additional cargo or navigating steep terrains.

Veemo Semi-enclosed Pedal-powered EV Cargo Space
Unlock convenience with Veemo’s generous 60-liter onboard cargo space, designed for effortless commuting and essential storage.

The Veemo SE is meticulously designed to align with a user-friendly interface and possesses the familiarity and agility reminiscent of a bicycle, yet enhanced by the stability ensured by three wheels. The sizing of the Veemo SE aligns closely with that of a mountain bike, enabling its compatibility with bike lanes in most jurisdictions, thus adding a layer of flexibility and convenience to the commuting experience.

Key features such as the ePod enclosure protect riders from varying weather conditions such as sun, wind, and rain. Its battery range is commendably efficient, providing up to 70km/43 miles per charge and is conveniently rechargeable using standard electrical wall outlets.

Veemo Semi-enclosed Pedal-powered EV Ride Metrics
Navigate your journey with Veemo’s intuitive panel displaying battery status and ride metrics, complete with a dedicated space for your mobile phone.

Safety is at the forefront of Veemo’s design, boasting features commonly seen in cars. This includes dual LED headlights, turn signals, roll bars, and side mirrors, among other features, ensuring that riders are always visible and secure during their commutes. Furthermore, its design ensures protection against various weather conditions, ensuring that neither the rider nor the cargo is compromised by external elements such as rain or sun.

Veemo Semi-enclosed Pedal-powered EV Safety Equipment
Onboard safety equipment includes dual LED headlights, turn signals, roll bar, side mirrors, LED tail lights, windshield wiper & hydraulic disc brakes.

The pricing is thoughtfully crafted, with the base model starting at $7,999 CAD. The company’s current production forecast suggests that the Veemo SE will be available from April 2024. Prospective customers have the option to pre-order by making a deposit of $184 CAD.

Source: Envo Drive Systems