Garage Bunny lets mountain bikers practice the bunny hop at home

Garage Bunny World's First Bunny Hop Trainer
Garage Bunny lets you safely practice and improve mountain biking bunny hops and manual lifts. Images courtesy Ninja Mountain Bike Performance

Mountain biking is a sport that’s as exhilarating as it is challenging, with various techniques and maneuvers to master. One such essential skill for mountain bikers is the bunny hop. For the uninitiated, a bunny hop is a maneuver where the rider momentarily lifts both wheels off the ground to overcome trail obstacles without dismounting. Mastering this skill usually involves practicing on rugged and unpredictable trails, but the “Garage Bunny” has been introduced to change this conventional practice approach.

Originating from the innovative minds at Ninja Mountain Bike Performance, an Oregon-based company, the Garage Bunny aims to bring the practice of bunny hops into the comfort of one’s home. This thoughtful creation allows riders to learn and perfect their bunny hopping technique without the added risks that come with practicing on uneven terrains.

The mechanics of the Garage Bunny is quite user-friendly. The device holds the bike upright by its rear wheel, drastically reducing the risks of tipping over backwards—a common occurrence when trying to learn bunny hops on actual trails. This stability allows the rider to focus solely on mastering the correct movements and sequences necessary for a successful bunny hop.

One of the notable features of the Garage Bunny is its adaptability. It is compatible with a wide array of wheel sizes, ranging from 20- to 29-inches, making it a versatile tool for a broader audience of mountain biking enthusiasts. This feature ensures that various bikers, regardless of their bike type, can make use of the device to enhance their skills.

Garage Bunny Hop Trainer Without Bike
The Garage Bunny, without a mountain bike.

The Garage Bunny doesn’t just stop at facilitating bunny hops. It is also designed to help riders improve their manual front wheel lift, another crucial skill in mountain biking. The device comes equipped with a bungee cord system, assisting in unweighting the front wheel, hence giving riders a more practical feel and understanding of the maneuver.

An extra perk offered by the Garage Bunny is a sliding marker on its upright supports. This marker tracks and shows the height attained by the rear wheel in each bunny hop attempt, enabling riders to monitor their progress and improvements over time.

For those interested in bringing this revolutionary mountain biking practice tool into their homes, the Garage Bunny is available for purchase at US$599 on the company’s official website.

Source: Ninja Mountain Bike Performance