Motorola’s bendable smartphone with enhanced AI features turns into a bracelet

Motorola Flexible Smartphone Wrist Accessory Bracelet
Users can also wrap the device around their wrist, reminiscent of a slap bracelet. Images courtesy Motorola

Motorola’s journey into the realm of groundbreaking innovation has taken an exciting turn at the Lenovo Tech World 2023. The company unveiled a captivating concept: a smartphone that transitions beyond the traditional confines, boasting a flexible display that allows it to morph from a conventional phone to a self-standing device, and further into a wrist-worn accessory reminiscent of a slap bracelet.

The device is adorned with a flexible 6.9-inch pOLED display that exudes FHD+ resolution, facilitating its transformation through a series of strategically placed hinges. These hinges empower the device to navigate through multiple usage scenarios with ease, enabling it to function as a standard Android phone or adapt into a self-standing tent mode, and even curl around the wrist like a bracelet. In the tent mode, it compactly offers a full Android experience on a 4.6-inch display, emphasizing functionality alongside innovation.

Motorola Flexible Smartphone Self-Standing Mode
The device can be adjusted into a self-standing position, running a more compact form of full Android on a 4.6″ display.

Motorola’s vision of flexibility in smartphone design is complemented by its endeavor to integrate advanced AI technologies, aiming to enhance and personalize the user experience. A notable introduction in this domain is the generative AI model. This feature enables users to craft custom AI-generated wallpapers that echo their personal style and preferences, allowing an image of their outfit to guide the creation of multiple, style-synchronized wallpaper options.

Furthermore, Motorola unveiled MotoAI, a promising voice/text assistant powered by a sophisticated language model. Tailored to operate efficiently on both PCs and smartphones, MotoAI aims to facilitate a multitude of tasks such as responding to inquiries, crafting messages, and managing schedules. It emphasizes user privacy by ensuring that data processing occurs locally on the device, underscoring Motorola’s commitment to secure and private user experiences.

Motorola Flexible Smartphone Standard Smartphone Mode
The handset, in its standard smartphone form, showcases a 6.9-inch pOLED display.

The AI innovation does not stop here; Motorola has also improved document scanning capabilities, introducing an enhanced Doc Scanner feature. This model is designed to optimize the clarity and quality of scanned documents, minimizing common issues such as wrinkles and shadows, thus ensuring the production of crisp, clear images.

Motorola Flexible Smartphone Different Shapes
The conceptual device uses a display that “can be bent and shaped into different forms depending on users’ needs.”

While Motorola has made a daring move with its bendable smartphone concept and AI advancements, specifics regarding the device’s detailed specifications and features are yet to be fully unveiled.

Motorola Flexible Smartphone Bracelet
When on the wrist, users can expect “a similar experience to the external display on motorola razr+ to stay connected while on the go.”

Source: Motorola