Ascender is an innovative stair-climbing robotic vacuum by Migo Robotics

Migo Robotics Ascender Stair-climbing Robo Vacuum
The Ascender is equipped to handle both standard and open-riser staircases, provided that the step depth is a minimum of 5.9 inches. Images courtesy Migo Robotics

In the rapidly evolving world of home automation and robotics, Migo Robotics has introduced the Ascender, making headlines as the world’s first stair-climbing robotic vacuum cleaner and floor mop. This innovative device aims to redefine the way we perceive household cleaning by adding a new level of convenience and efficiency.

The Ascender has sparked considerable interest within the technology and home appliance communities, as evidenced by its highly successful Kickstarter campaign. The campaign has amassed over $2 million in pledges, indicating a strong market demand for such a revolutionary product.

The Ascender distinguishes itself not only through its stair-climbing capability but also through its versatility and advanced technology. Like traditional robotic vacuums, the Ascender excels on flat surfaces. It creates or follows a pre-programmed map of the home, ensuring that it cleans every room in an efficient and systematic manner.

This capability is facilitated by an array of sophisticated sensors and technologies, including an HD camera, a LiDAR module, and six Time-of-Flight sensors. These components work in tandem with an integrated 5-teraFLOP AI computing engine, enabling the Ascender to navigate around obstacles and maintain an accurate location within the home.

Migo Robotics Ascender Stair-climbing Robo-Vacuum Underneath Couches
With its slim profile of just 3.86 inches (98 mm) in height, the Ascender effortlessly navigates under furniture, including couches.

One of the Ascender’s standout features is its ability to automatically differentiate between carpeted surfaces and hard floors. It adjusts its cleaning mode accordingly, delivering 9,700 pascals of suction for vacuuming carpets and exerting 17 Newtons of pressure for mopping hard floors. This ensures optimal cleaning regardless of the surface type.

The Ascender is designed with user convenience in mind. Dirt and used mopping water are collected in onboard compartments and automatically emptied when the device returns to its base station. The base station’s dirt bag has a 60-day capacity, and its water tanks can last up to 30 days before needing a refill or emptying, minimizing maintenance efforts for the user.

Migo Robotics’ solution to the challenge of cleaning stairs is both ingenious and effective. The Ascender’s mechanism allows it to ascend or descend stairs by adjusting its main body in relation to its two outrigger wheel units. This enables it to clean each step thoroughly with its pivoting main cleaning brush, ensuring comprehensive cleaning coverage even in traditionally difficult-to-clean areas.

Migo Robotics Ascender Stair-climbing Robo-Vacuum Optimize
The Ascender, the world’s first stair-climbing robotic vacuum, is making waves on Kickstarter.

Battery life is another strong suit of the Ascender. Its 12000-mAh lithium battery is capable of cleaning a total area of approximately 5,380 square feet (500 square meters) on a single charge. The device is smart enough to return to its charging station when low on battery and resume cleaning from where it left off once recharged.

Moreover, the Ascender is accompanied by a user-friendly iOS/Android app, allowing homeowners to customize cleaning schedules, designate no-go zones, and even manually control the device for those who wish to engage more directly with their cleaning process.

As for pricing, early backers of the Kickstarter campaign could secure the Ascender along with its base station for a pledge of $849. Once it hits the retail market, the device is expected to sell for $1,499. This pricing reflects the Ascender’s innovative features and the value it promises to bring to modern homes.

Migo Robotics Ascender Stair-climbing Robo-Vacuum Base Station
The Ascender docks seamlessly into its base station, sliding into place at the bottom.

In conclusion, the Ascender stair-climbing robotic vacuum represents a significant advancement in home cleaning technology. Its ability to navigate and clean stairs autonomously, combined with its robust cleaning capabilities on flat surfaces, positions it as a highly desirable appliance for those looking to enhance their home cleaning routine with smart technology.

Source: Kickstarter