Lightweight, long-range, 2WD, hybrid gas-electric bike with balloon tires

The Arsenale Plan B Motorbike
The Arsenale Plan B motorbike features a hybrid gas/electric powertrain and robust balloon tires for superior all-terrain performance. Images courtesy TheArsenale

In the ever-evolving world of adventure motorbikes, the introduction of fat-tire bikes has brought a new dimension to all-terrain navigation. Known for their ability to handle a variety of challenging environments, fat-tire bikes offer enhanced stability and durability. Amidst this trend, The Arsenale has reintroduced their 2×2 Ultrabike, now revamped and rebranded as the Plan B. This move aims to rekindle interest in the hybrid adventure motorbike segment, particularly for cross-country, off-road escapades.

The Plan B retains the balloon tires characteristic of its predecessor, which are particularly well-suited for navigating slippery, sandy, or snowy terrains. These tires not only contribute to the bike’s robust appearance but are also functional in enhancing its off-road capabilities. The motorbike has undergone significant upgrades, transitioning from a purely electric model to a low-power hybrid system that combines gas and electric power. This dual powertrain is a key feature, driving a two-wheel-drive system that promises better traction and control across various landscapes.

One of the most significant enhancements in the Plan B is its extended range. Now more lightweight than before, the bike boasts an ultra-long range of over 200 miles, though this can vary with driving style and terrain. Such an improvement suggests that The Arsenale has focused on efficiency and sustainability, aligning with the needs of adventure enthusiasts who value endurance and the ability to explore remote areas without constant recharging.

However, prospective buyers might find the price point of $15,000 for the Plan B steep, especially when compared to the original 2×2 bike’s $2,000 cost and the $10,250 MotoTracktor by Rokon, which also targets the same market segment. Despite the advanced features and improvements, the price differential could be a significant deterrent, especially considering the competitive alternatives available in the market.

The Arsenale Plan B Motorbike Top View

From an aesthetic and functional perspective, the Plan B hybrid adventure motorbike impresses with its design and specifications. The ride height and robust tires are visually appealing and practical, designed to tackle rough surfaces without frequent punctures.

The placement of on-board batteries beneath the seating area and near the electric motor is strategic, optimizing weight distribution for better handling. Moreover, the hybrid functionality allows the bike to switch to gas power when the battery is low and no charging options are available, an essential feature for long-distance travels.

The Arsenale Plan B Motorbike Front View

While the Plan B is still in its nascent stages compared to more established models like Rokon’s offerings, its potential to attract adventure riders is evident. The bike’s current iteration, however, may benefit from further testing and feedback to ensure reliability and to refine its performance attributes.

The Arsenale Plan B Motorbike Rear View

In summary, The Arsenale’s Plan B hybrid adventure motorbike presents an intriguing option for those seeking a hybrid, all-terrain bike with significant range and power. However, the high price point remains a critical factor to consider. As the market for adventure motorbikes continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how the Plan B evolves and how it stacks up against more seasoned competitors in terms of both performance and cost-efficiency. Future iterations may need to focus on price adjustments and additional technical refinements to truly make a mark in this competitive niche.

The Arsenale Plan B Motorbike Balloon Tire

Source: The Arsenale