Titanium-built Mirarri yacht features bird-inspired glass dome for panoramic views

Enata Mirarri Luxury Yacht
The Mirarri yacht combines innovative design with luxury, featuring a bird-inspired glass dome, titanium and carbon fiber structure, and spacious, stylish interiors. Images courtesy Enata/Mirarri

The Mirarri yacht, a collaborative project between designer Timur Bozca and the UAE-based Enata Group, represents a significant step forward in luxury yacht design. The yacht is distinguished by its dynamic and tinted glass dome, which is inspired by the bone structures of birds. This semi-transparent dome allows for panoramic views and provides structural integrity to the yacht’s carbon fiber and titanium superstructure. The dome also contributes to the yacht’s expansive interior space, enabling guests to stand and mingle comfortably while onboard.

The design of the Mirarri yacht emphasizes organic structures, utilizing advanced materials such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, and titanium to ensure a lightweight yet robust build. These materials are chosen to enhance the yacht’s performance and durability while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic. The yacht measures 17 meters in length, offering a spacious and luxurious environment for its occupants.

Onboard, the Mirarri yacht features a variety of amenities designed to enhance the yachting experience. The outdoor entertainment area includes a dedicated barbecue and bar on the aft deck, providing a perfect venue for social gatherings and al fresco dining with stunning sea views. The interior lounge area is equally impressive, with cushioned benches that follow the interior’s form and slope down towards the aft deck. This design allows for easy socializing, with guests seated facing each other and ample space to move around.

The interior of the yacht is designed with comfort and versatility in mind. A pop-up table can be used for dining or as a desk, and a large-screen television offers onboard entertainment. The yacht is equipped with the Wingman software, which allows the owner to remotely control various aspects of the yacht, perform over-the-air updates, conduct remote diagnostics, and implement preventive maintenance. This advanced software ensures that the yacht remains in optimal condition and that any issues can be addressed promptly.

Enata Mirarri Luxury Yacht Interior Seating
The Mirarri yacht’s interior seating features cushioned benches that slope toward the aft deck, creating a spacious area for socializing and relaxation.

Below deck, the Mirarri yacht boasts two full-beam cabins adorned with vibrant colors and contemporary design elements. These cabins provide comfortable accommodations for the owner and guests, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable cruising experience. The cabins are designed to offer privacy and luxury, making the Mirarri yacht an ideal choice for extended trips on the water.

Enata Mirarri Luxury Yacht Barbeque Aft Deck
The Mirarri yacht’s walkway leads to a dedicated barbecue area on the aft deck, offering an ideal space for al fresco dining with sea views.

As of now, the first Mirarri yacht is under construction and is expected to be delivered in 2025, with the UAE being the first region to receive this innovative watercraft. The collaboration between Timur Bozca and the Enata Group has resulted in a yacht that combines cutting-edge design, advanced materials, and luxurious amenities, setting a new standard in the world of luxury yachts.

Enata Mirarri Luxury Yacht Pilot Control Area
The Mirarri yacht’s pilot control area is equipped with advanced Wingman software, allowing for remote control, diagnostics, and maintenance updates.
Enata Mirarri Luxury Yacht Side Profile
The side profile of the Mirarri yacht showcases its sleek, aerodynamic design with a dynamic glass dome and lightweight carbon fiber and titanium structure.
Enata Mirarri Luxury Yacht Cabin
The Mirarri yacht’s cabin features full-beam accommodations with vibrant colors and contemporary design elements.
Enata Mirarri Luxury Yacht 2025
The first Mirarri yacht is currently under construction and is expected to be delivered in the UAE by 2025.

Source: Enata