Norway is building the world’s first underwater floating tunnel

Norway's Underwater Floating Tunnel
Norway’s Underwater Floating Tunnel – NPRA

As times roll by, technology becomes more advanced, structural engineering barriers are broken down, and limits are stretched far and wide giving birth to mind-blowing innovation that leaves us wondering. As in the case of the proposed Norway’s underwater floating tunnel, which is estimated to be 4000 ft long and 100 ft underwater, costing an estimated $25 billion to be completed in 2035.

The Norwegian landscape is characterized by one of the world’s most rugged and extremely indented coastline. Large parts of the country are dominated by fjords, mountains, and deep forests. Although the fjords, mountains and the forest give Norway its beautiful and breath-taking scenery, it also makes navigation a problem and getting to places harder, sometimes traveling for up to 7 hours just to cover a distance of 250 miles. All these problems and trying to preserve the beautiful scenery for those who would want to experience the beauty of Norway, prompted the government through the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) to propose constructing the very first of its kind.

An underwater floating tunnel, which can also be referred to as Archimedes Bridge, is a tunnel that floats supported by seabed anchors and pontoons that float.

Although the project is not as easy as it sounds as several elements ranging from the depths of the water, the actions of the water waves on the tunnel, wind and the possibilities of boats and submarines traveling the route.

Some of the concepts of the underwater floating tunnel include tethers and pontoons, which anchors the tunnel to the seabed, and end to end shore connection for the tunnel.

Pontoons supporting Norway's underwater floating tunnel
Pontoons supporting the tunnel’s two 4,000 ft long concrete tubes – NPRA

The completion of this project will mark a major milestone in modern technology and pave the way for other great designs aimed at making the human life easier.