Winder for fire hose, tapes and straps

WIND-X enables the rolling of tape and hoses efficiently and fast

Winder WIND-X is an innovation that enables the rolling of tape and hoses efficiently and fast. At the same time, the need for bending over and lifting awkwardly is eliminated so the process is easier on the body. The company claims that:

It takes just 9 seconds to roll up a strap with a length of 9.5 meters. A fire hose takes just 10 seconds in forest terrain and even less time on a flat service.

WIND-X® is available in four sizes, “Large” and “Large +” for the fire hose and “Medium” and “Small” for cargo straps and ties.

WIND-X Small for straps

  • Used to load belt and straps up to 50 mm.
  • Connects easily to a small drill driver with chuck.
  • The design makes pinching impossible.
  • The tool can usefully be brought to a head on the truck floor and get the automatic control of the tape and a
    uniformly wound roll.
  • Manufactured in glass fiber material that works both in cold and hot conditions.
  • Can roll a 9.5m belt in just 5 seconds.
  • On one battery you can roll 150 belts.
  • Designed for safety and a healthy work environment.

WIND-X Large for fire hoses

  • Used together with a powerful drill.
  • We recommend a Hitachi DS18DBL.
  • Composite rubber and plastic canvas with bearing center is supplied and used with WIND-X when reeling.
  • Manufactured entirely in stainless steel.
  • Designed for safety and a healthy work environment.

NOTE: Specifications above as per company product brochure [X-innovations]


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    • Hello and thanks for your contact!

      The price is depending on the size of the product. Wind-X Large cost 1490 SEK and Wind-X Medium cost 65SEK. The prices is excluding VAT and freight. Please contact us at, for more information!

      Best regards,
      X-innovations AB

  1. God morning, i ned news about the thing, were mai buy it and the price.
    Thanks for all

    Felicioni Andrea
    Voluntair Fireman

  2. I want to buy a small & a medium winder. Please send information for payment & shipping. Thanks

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