Turn any bike into an e-bike in minutes with the Alizeti system

Alizeti 300C is a simple all-in-one e-bike conversion system

E-bikes are all the rage since they allow people to travel faster and further on two wheels. But you probably already own a bicycle and would not want to spend a lot on a brand new e-bike. There are conversion systems available in the market, but you might need to replace parts of your bicycle to install them, and the process is not a walk in the park. Enter the Alizeti 300C – designed for the on-the-go cyclist who would like to enjoy the added flexibility and comfort an e-bike can provide.

You can easily convert your favourite road bike into a powerful, full-featured e-bike system in just minutes without the typically high costs, and installation issues, associated with mainstream e-bikes and conversion kits. Alizeti has bridged the gap between modern e-bikes and traditional bikes by successfully combining performance, simple installation, and advanced features into a lightweight affordable e-bike conversion system.

No special tools required for installation

The Alizeti 300C can be easily installed on almost any road bike. DIY installation is as quick and easy as mounting a bike rack and can be completed in as little as 15 minutes.

Power Assist technology

Power Assist technology allows riders to select the perfect assist ratio for any specific riding style. Riders can choose between a light effort ride, to a higher intensity workout, or a completely effortless commute using the Pedal Boost Mode. With the motor disengaged, you can even ride in traditional bike mode with zero drag. The choice is entirely yours!

Lightweight e-bike system

The company claims that – At just 11 lbs, including battery and dual-purpose rack, the Alizeti 300C system is the lightest e-bike conversion system on the market today. The 500-watt friction drive motor and lightweight removable 24 Volt lithium-ion battery, provides a ride speed of up to 20 Mph or (32 Km/h) while pedalling, and a range of 40 miles.

Dual Flex-Power battery system

Dual Flex-Power battery system allows cyclists to extend the ride distance the e-bike system can attain by simply adding an extra battery. For shorter commutes, one battery can be removed for a lighter ride. You can optimize the weight-to-range ratio for optimal performance and comfort.

Tamper proof anti-theft security system

Alizeti 300C has an integrated security system, which includes motion activated anti-theft detection that will alert you of any tampering by sounding an alarm even when the batteries are removed for charging! Theft deterrent strobe lights, and security screws, ensure your bike is safe at all times.

Built-in Safe-Ride technology

Rear signal lights help ensure high visibility and rider safety when riding day or night

The integrated rider safety features include front driving LED lights, rear turning and stop signals as well as a specially formulated all weather drive wheel for optimal traction. This Safe-Ride technology ensures high visibility rider safety when riding day or night.

The e-bike conversion system is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and you can get your hands on one for about $583.

Source: Kickstarter Alizeti