Everybot – Autonomous home wet floor mopping robot

Delegate mopping duties to this autonomous wet floor mopping robot

Everybot RS700 is a clever home wet floor mopping robot that spins in different patterns in order to reach the best floor cleaning. Everybot – the robot cleaner manufacturer in Korea – states that the device is suitable for hard floor, marble, tile, linoleum and vanished wood floor.

Cleaning dirty floors is just the kind of mundane task that you would want to delegate to a robot. Everybot RS700 uses a bunch of sensors to cleverly seek out dirty spots in the dark.

Everybot has clever obstacle and cliff detection sensors

The RS700 is autonomous, meaning it can mop any floor without human direction. It has built in multi-directional and multi-axis sensors, meaning it can detect and avoid obstacles like furniture or objects left behind and can even detect and avoid hazards like staircases, floor vents and drains with its vertical floor sensor. Then you have the “Exit Shadow Area Technology”, which enables the robot to detect a darker area, like beneath a couch for example. You can also control it via a remote control, meaning you can direct it where you need cleaning and keep it focused on a dirty floor until it sparkles.

Everybot will drive itself back out from under a piece of furniture when the job is done using its ESA (Exit Shadow Area) technology

From a design perspective, the first thing you will notice is that the Everybot RS700 has no wheels. Everybot developed the RoboSpin Technology, which controls the speed and direction using two dual spin mops without the need for wheels. The bot can control speed and direction of each pad on its own for optimized cleaning.

The company claims that the RS700 provides perfect wet-mop cleaning by two kinds of mop constructions (Diving Yarn + Microfiber). Diving yarn can wipe dirt and polluted particles. Microfiber can absorb the fine dust and stains effectively. Two different mop constructions can improve the cleaning capability and performance. An automated internal water supply feeds the pads – you can pull off the pads and put them through the washing machine when they need cleaning.

Everybot offers a variety of cleaning modes:

  • Auto cleaning – a basic cleaning mode to clean the entire space efficiently
  • Y Curve cleaning – The company says that if you need a super scrupulous result, use the Y Curve cleaning mode to get the best out of your cleaning bot
  • Focus cleaning – for focused cleaning on areas that need extra work
  • Corner cleaning – this will make the Everybot sweep the floor through rotating by 180 degrees along the walls and corners
  • Manual cleaning – you can use the remote control to steer the bot wherever you want
  • Turbo cleaning – this would do the cleaning at 1.2 times the normal speed

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