Scrambler by Juiced Bikes is all the rage in electric bikes

Scrambler by Juiced Bikes is a line of fast, fun and tough electric bikes inspired by the “scrambler” style of motorcycle.

Bikes! We love them. We ride dirt bikes, super bikes and so on. There is a problem with all petrol powered bikes. The hoses that run to and from the carburetor or fuel injection units can dry out, crack or otherwise just fail. Pedal bikes are cool. A bicycle that doubles as an electrically powered device would be an excellent idea. We are talking about the Scrambler by Juiced Bikes. The name itself tells you that this is a brilliant machine.

With this amazing bike you get to ride across fields, city streets, alleyways, dirt roads and anywhere else you wish to.


  • Equipped with 750 or 1100 Watts of power depending on the Scrambler model.
  • The CityScrambler and CampScrambler can attain speeds of 28 mph using pedal-assist.
  • The bike features an 1800 lumen light source to light up your way as you ride into the night.
  • With Air/Coil suspension to absorb shock and ensure a firm but comfortable ride.
  • Adjustable Handlebars
  • This cool machine is powered by a 52V battery unit that can achieve a range of about 30 miles.
  • The 9-speed Drivetrain is key in ensuring that you go against or into the wind as you like.
  • Customizable side race plates.
  • An advanced LCD display that besides displaying speed and distance, also displays Voltage, Watts, and even ECU temperature.

There are 3 classes of Scramblers. There’s the CampScrambler, CityScrambler and the HyperScrambler. The pricing, motor capacity, range and frame type are the main differences between the three models.

The power unit in these electric bikes keeps competitors at bay. What’s more? You can have them charged rapidly using the 8A SUPER FAST charge.

A rider does not require a license to ride on any of the Scrambler Class 3 electric bikes.

If one is willing, the motor can be disabled and the bike can be pedaled.

Cruise control

A cruise control mechanism can lock any speed below 20 mph. This will be maintained until brakes are applied or any button on the handlebar.

Off-road mode

The off-road mode can be manually set by setting the speed limit above 28 mph. This setting should only be used on non-public roads.

This is a first-rate e-bike that will satisfy that inner need that wasn’t scratched by all your years of cycling. Grab your own Scrambler today and have it delivered to you free of charge in the Continental US.

Updated on 24th Dec, 2020: The Scrambler electric adventure bike is on sale for $1,599 on the Juiced Bikes website