Serafim Keybo: Advanced virtual laser projection keyboard

Serafim Keybo is a virtual laser projection keyboard and piano, which supports multi-language keyboard layout, and can also be used as a portable charger.

Imagine how stressful it is typing on a keyboard with an unsuitable layout if you are a multi-language speaker. Seeking different keyboard layouts do not guarantee a user that they shall find the special characters that they need. With the Serafim Keybo, a user can choose between different language layouts to use. They are provided with Arabic, English, Spanish and Chinese layouts to type on anytime and anywhere. This is a cool gadget too. Typing on any surface without restrictions of traditional keyboards is thrilling.


  1. A portable charger: the device utilizes an external battery charger that can power your smartphone or tablet when the Keybo is not in use.
  2. Compact to fit in your pocket. It is also lightweight hence easy to carry around.
  3. Higher accuracy levels:  the keyboard is designed with round button layouts thus it is not easy to make unwanted keystrokes.
  4. Ability to change your mobile phone experience: Mobile phone screens including those around 6 inches have limitations when it comes to typing. To solve this inadequacy, the Keybo transforms input by projecting a full-size keyboard on a larger surface. This makes typing easy.
  5. Virtual studio with musical instruments: Serafim Keybo allows users to create music instantly using the built-in music application. The application involves playing the guitar, piano and drums.


Serafim Keybo comes with 2000mAh lithium-ion battery, which will grant you 10 hours of typing time The device features a smart energy-saving mode to save more power and enable a quicker return to active mode.

Intelligent: such that you can adjust the keyboard’s brightness and learn current battery levels. Serafim Keybo application has software development kit (SDK) support for iOS and Android applications. You can easily interact with your application through a Serafim Keybo on a 12” surface.

Serves as your cell phone stand. Capable of turning your mobile device into a computer. This is particularly helpful when you are streaming live video or recording one.


What a nice tech gadget! Not only is it amazing but it is worth every cent spent on it.

Serafim was founded back in 2010 by a group of optoelectronic experts. The team aims to offer reasonably priced, beneficial and cool consumer electronics for a more engaging computing experience.

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