Eco-friendly graffiti removal solution works on a variety of surfaces

Tornado ACS by systeco is an Eco-friendly graffiti removal solution - it works on a variety of surfaces without the use of water or harsh chemicals.

It is common to find graffiti on walls and streets in most urban societies. In fact, they have long been considered a part of the social fabric in many places. Despite their occasional artistic appeal, graffiti more often than not constitute a nuisance. Many homeowners and government authorities struggle to remove graffiti from vandalized surfaces. Moreover, it could come at a great cost.

The Tornado ACS is a green cleaning technology that offers an effective solution to all graffiti removal problems. It provides a suitable alternative to pressure washers, dry-ice blasting or the use of harsh chemicals. Importantly, it is ideal for all kinds of surface. It causes minimal abrasion while getting the job done.

Design and applications

The Tornado ACS employs a patented vacuum blast method to allow for a clean and environmentally friendly graffiti removal. Asides the safety of the environment, the safety and convenience of the user was also considered during the design phase. The graffiti removal equipment employs a closed-circuit cleaning process that ensures the user does not need any protective clothing. The system operates without water, chemicals, or high pressure. Therefore, it eliminates the need for expensive disposal of contaminated water or blasting media.

Applications of the Tornado ACS graffiti removal equipment

Graffiti removal on brick

The equipment boasts a coverage surface of about 4-5 m2 per hour. This makes it the most effective and reliable equipment around for graffiti removal on brick. Importantly, it is gentle on bricks, thereby protecting the integrity of your walls.

Graffiti removal on plaster and painted surfaces

Tornado ACS works seamlessly on all mineral plaster systems as well as paints. The minimally abrasive graffiti removal technique ensures the sensitive facade of the plaster or painted surface is left intact. You simply have to employ very fine granules (e.g. ASILIT AS 90 or jet glass SG 150).

Graffiti removal on natural stone

Natural stone covers a broad range of surfaces that could be very different in texture (e.g. comparing sandstone with granite). Still, the Tornado ACS is your best bet for effective graffiti removal on all kinds of natural stone surfaces. The trick lies in selecting the right granules for the right surface.

Graffiti removal on concrete

Due to the hard nature on concrete, graffiti removal using the Tornado ACS requires coarse granules (e.g AS 250-500). Rest assured that the integrity of the concrete surface would remain intact.

Graffiti removal on tile and plastic

The Tornado ACS makes graffiti removal on tile and plastic easy as pie. It leaves even the grout completely clean. Unlike other equipment that uses water or chemicals, the Tornado ACS can be used for graffiti removal on tile during the winter at minus temperatures.

Heritage graffiti removal

Due to the strict restrictions, graffiti removal on heritage objects could be a difficult task. The Tornado ACS cleaning system ensures the heritage-protected surface remains intact during graffiti removal.

Asides graffiti removal, the Tornado ACS cleaning system can also be used for:

  • Facade cleaning
  • Efflorescence removal
  • Floor cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Natural stone cleaning
  • Icy removal
  • Lime removal
  • Stair restoration
  • Removal of floor markings
  • Rust removal
  • Slip resistance
  • Lacquer removal on boats
  • Antifouling removal
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Photoengraving

Pricing info

If you are interested in purchasing the Tornado ACS cleaning equipment, you can contact Systeco Cleaning Technology via the official website.