Pendel electric scooter allows wheelchair users to travel independently

The Pendel electric scooter enables you to travel independently with your wheelchair.

The Huka Pendel electric scooter is a unique, eco-friendly mobility solution for manual wheelchair users who are traditionally restricted to covering short distances. Built from high-quality and durable component parts, the extremely versatile scooter can accommodate most manual wheelchair models without any difficulty. Riders can wheel their chair in and out, as they deem fit. This eliminates the need for any form of transfer and assures independence.

Design and Features

The Pendel electric scooter boasts an aesthetically pleasing design, which creates an impression at first sight. This modern electric scooter sports three wheels. It comes with a wide opening at the rear to accommodate users – the driver and their wheelchair. Pendel has a sturdy build, and it is available in six stylish colors.

Reliable motor and battery

The self-operated electric scooter comes with a reliable motor that can attain a top speed of 25km per hour. The device boasts a range of 60km, giving users the freedom to reach their desired destinations quickly, safely and independently.

Built-in ramp

Most of the available mobility solutions for manual wheelchair users require one form of transfer or another. By implication, it is impossible to operate them independently. The Pendel is an exception. A built-in ramp allows you to ride your wheelchair into the scooter without any assistance. Once the wheelchair is in place and firmly locked, you may lift the ramp. No tricky transfers required – and you remain in your chair the whole time.

Safety approved

When building any motorized vehicle, the safety of the user as well as others on the road is paramount. The company says that all the components parts used in building the Pendel electric scooter have been tested and approved by the appropriate regulatory bodies. The powerful and reliable motor, short braking distance and bright headlamp all serve to ensure the safety of any Pendel rider. Importantly, the scooter meets all the stringent European safety requirements according to the manufacturers.

Comfortable riding

The fact that the Pendel is extremely fun to ride only serves to increase its appeal. The scooter boasts maximum riding comfort. You will notice the difference as soon as you wheel yourself into the vehicle. The manufacturers give room for a test ride if you wish to verify this assertion. What’s more? You have the freedom to customize your own scooter as you please! Simply send your desired specifications to the manufacturers and they will be glad to oblige.

Pricing info

The Pendel is currently priced around $14,500. You can visit the official Huka website to locate a dealer in your area.