United City Bikes launches the world’s lightest folding eBike

The ONE by Swiss startup United City Bikes weighs just 12.5kg - it's also the first e-bike to be made out of magnesium alloy.

Folding bikes have been tipped to radically change the way we think about urban commuting. THE ONE’ by United City Bikes might just be the best folding eBike ever made! Compact, durable, flexible, and affordable, THE ONE is not just another folding bike. It’s an electric bike that promises riders the ultimate biking experience.

Design and features

Before any folding eBike can gain widespread acceptance, it must score high on the portability and foldability scales. The manufacturers of THE ONE are well aware of this fact and their ingenuity brought about the most portable and easiest to fold bike around. At only 12.5kg, the bike weighs less than a medium-sized suitcase and it’s only 25cm wide when folded. You can fold or unfold THE ONE in less than 10 seconds. If you’re up for the big battery, THE ONE boasts a range of 60 km on a single charge. All these features and many more make THE ONE the ideal companion for anyone that cares about sustainable and stress-free commuting.

What makes THE ONE so light?

THE ONE’s unprecedented light weight is arguably its most remarkable feature and it’s owed in part to the patented magnesium alloy frame. The company claims that the hand-made frame weighs 35% less than premium frames on the market. The custom-built 250W high-speed hub motor also weighs much less than conventional motors. It is impressive to note that the quality of the bike’s parts is not sacrificed for light weight. The parts, although, lighter, still boast the same, if not better, quality than what is offered in conventional bikes.

Industry-leading folding technology

Unlike other folding eBikes that take time to couple or uncouple, THE ONE’s folding mechanism is quick and easy, making it perfect for everyday use. You can fold the bike in less than 10 seconds and if you’re ready to move, unfolding takes roughly the same time. The bike’s compact size is aided by its single-sided fork technology and a patented magnetic system that ensures the two wheels are firmly locked in place.

Easy charge

Because charging stations could still be hard to find, THE ONE’s design is such that it can be charged independent of the whole bike unit. All you have to do is remove the seat post and take the battery out for charging, whether in your office, apartment or at your favorite recreation spot. The battery cells are sourced from reputable manufacturers such as Samsung and Panasonic; there is no doubting their strength and durability.

The rain cannot stop you

The high-grade magnesium alloy frame incorporates state-of-the-art technology that helps keep out water. All the bike’s circuits are integrated into the frame and thus not affected by weather extremes. As long as you are ready to go, THE ONE is ready to go with you, under the sun or in the rain.

Travel further and faster

THE ONE’s 250-watt customized high speed, brushless motor boasts an energy conversion rate of 95%. Consequently, the bike is about 30% more efficient than conventional electric bikes. Little wonder a single charge can take you that far.

Pricing info

THE ONE folding eBike is currently at the crowdfunding stage and the Indiegogo campaign is more than 1500% funded already. The campaign ends on the 30th of May. You can visit the official campaign page to check out the available pledges and rewards.