Kwiggle: Compact foldable bike you can take anywhere

Kwiggle aims to revolutionize urban commuting with its compact foldable bike.

With more people looking for a healthier and more environmentally-friendly means of commuting, bikes are making a gradual but steady comeback. Unfortunately, conventional bikes cannot seamlessly fit the needs of the 21st Century urban commuter. It’s almost impossible to carry them on a train or metro. Moreover, it’s even harder to store them securely at the metro stations. Attempts at solving the challenge gave birth to a new era of foldable bikes, and Kwiggle might be the best of them.

Design and features

According to the manufacturers, Kwiggle is the most compact foldable bike ever. With its unusually high rider’s seat and small wheels, Kwiggle looks like a cross between a scooter, a unicycle, and a bicycle. The entire contraption weighs about 9.5kg (about 21 lbs), and it can be folded or unfolded in 10 seconds or less. When folded, the bike measures 55x40x25 cm, making it convenient to carry along in the bus, train, airplane, and just about everywhere else.

Ideal for urban environments

If you’re tired of spending long hours in traffic, you should be exploring alternative means of commuting. Kwiggle promises to be the lasting solution to your traffic woes. Capable of riding at 40 km/hr (about 25 mph), the bike is the ideal last-mile vehicle for everyone that hopes to get to their destination quickly.

Its foldability ensures you can ride it from your house to the bus station, take it with you inside the bus, and ride it from the bus station to your office. You can even take it along in the elevator, and store it under your worktable. Because your bike will be beside you everywhere you go, the chances of being a victim of bike theft are almost zero.

Patented gearing and folding system

Kwiggle promises to deliver an excellent combination of drivability and compactness, thanks to its patented folding and gearing system. The gearing system features single and double-speed transmission modes, and riders have the freedom to select the mode that best suits their needs. The manufacturers recommend the single-speed mode for flat city areas and the double-speed mode for longer tours leading through different areas.

Ergonomic riding posture

Although Kwiggle’s unusually high rider’s seat might look a tad odd, the manufacturers assure it guarantees a healthy riding posture. You’ll be biking upright, almost upstanding while still enjoying adequate support from the seat. Hence, you’ll be achieving a pleasant mix of biking and walking. And this makes the bike ideal for outdoor fitness and bike exercises. According to the manufacturers, several orthopedics and anatomists attest to this claim.

Adjustable seat

Kwiggle’s seat is adjustable and can accommodate bikers between 1.35m and 1.95m. It doesn’t matter how tall or short you think you are. Set your Kwiggle’s seat to the perfect height to achieve the perfect riding posture for you.

Pricing info

The folding bike is currently priced at 1,293.19 € (about $US1,381). You can visit the official Kwiggle website for more information or to place your order.

Source: Kwiggle