Trenux: Foldable bicycle trailer that you can take with you anywhere

Trenux is a bicycle trailer that you can take with you anywhere and anytime without limiting the flexibility of your bike.

Grocery shopping with regular bikes is inconvenient, to say the least. There’s hardly ever enough space to put the packages, and securing them in place presents an often insurmountable challenge. While cargo bikes seamlessly solve the problem, they’re usually too bulky for general purpose use. That’s where Trenux foldable bicycle trailer comes in- a bicycle rack that transforms into a spacious bicycle trailer, giving you unlimited freedom to shop spontaneously while riding your regular bike.

Design and features

Trenux is designed to offer ample cargo space without interfering with your riding experience. In the resting position, the foldable bike rack occupies minimal space on your bike. When unfolded, Trenux boasts a cargo bed area of 40 x 60 cm that can accommodate up to 40kg cargo. The rack comes with two dedicated handles that facilitate a smooth operation and an automatic locking mechanism that never detaches from your bike while at rest or in motion. Trenux is versatile enough to work with virtually all kinds of bicycles, including folding bikes.

Bicycle attachment

Trenux standard mount is compatible with a full axle, quick-releases or a 12 mm thru axle. The flexibility ensures Trenux can fit various bicycle designs and sizes. Trenux’s lower mount serves as its major attachment point, but there’s a secondary attachment to the seat tube that ensures Trenux remains in its rack position when not in use. The presence of multiple mounting sets on different bikes allows users to share Trenux with family and friends.

Trailer bag

Trenux comes with a fully integrated trailer bag that saves you the hassle of arranging packages in your bike’s cargo. Made from dirt-repellent PVC fabric and durable Cordura, the bag is 100% waterproof and big enough to accommodate two beverage crates. The bag sports ergonomic handles that make it easy to carry and reflectors that make you visible at night.

It doesn’t matter if the bag is completely or half-filled, you can rest assured your Trenux will securely hold it in place throughout your trip. That said, it’s vital to note that you do not have to use the Trenux bag with Trenux. The rack accommodates packages of various sizes, as long as you can securely fasten them in place.

Quick releases

A common problem with similar bicycle trailers is that users find it challenging to connect them securely to their bikes. The manufacturers assure that this is not a problem with Trenux. The device features quick-releases that lock automatically when placed on bike attachments. There is also a twist-lock feature that prevents unexpected opening while facilitating quick decoupling when needed.

Push-lock for security

If you’re worried about the safety of your Trenux while you’re not around, the device’s sleek locking set ensures you don’t have anything to worry about. The locking set is designed such that it can be seamlessly integrated into the quick releases, and a simple push locks the trailer to your bike.

Pricing info

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Trenux foldable bicycle trailer is currently available for preorder at about $560. The manufactures hope to deliver the current set of preorders by November 2020. You may visit the official Trenux website to place your order or find out more about the product.