Arkup Livable Yachts for off-the-grid living

Arkup 75 Livable Yacht
Arkup livable yachts have pioneered a new, blue world of luxury and off-the-grid living. Images © Arkup

If you’ve ever dreamed of living on the water, then Florida-based company Arkup may have created the ideal way for you to do it. Their series of waterborne living space solutions, headed by the flagship Livable Yacht Series, promises luxury and eco-friendly living on the water.

The Arkup 40 Livable Yacht

The Arkup 40 has also been called the “glass house at sea,” offering up to 640 square feet of indoor living space as either a studio, or a 1- or 2-bedroomed unit with up to 2 bathrooms. If you think these are yachts with low ceilings and doors you have to duck into, think again. The Arkup 40 features ceiling heights of 7.5 feet, with floor-to-ceiling impact windows all around for stunning open views and endless natural light.

Arkup 40

So, the Arkup 40 is more of a house at sea than a yacht in the typical sense. It gets even better when you move to the rooftop and find the 640 square feet of space complete with wide-open roof deck space as standard, or with a hot tub and barbecue kitchen in the Premium version. Other available features include an outdoor shower and a minibar.

The Arkup 40 is powered by either solar-electric power, diesel power, or is available as the Stationary Edition that is permanently moored in harbor. The solar version can travel up to 10 nautical miles at slow speeds, and if backed up with the Genset add-on can go up to 800 nautical miles.

The Arkup 75 Livable Yacht

The Arkup 75 is the flagship of the Livable Yacht Series, offering a hugely upgraded version of the 40 model, including 4,350 square feet of living space (2,700 indoors), and up to 4.5 bathrooms. The 75 includes the main deck, upper deck, and the retractable sliding deck that creates additional outdoor space. It also includes solar panels, rainwater harvesting facilities, and an advanced communications system for satellite TV, Wi-Fi, LTE and VHF so you can always be connected when you need to be.

Arkup 75

An important question that would weigh on the minds of anyone considering the Arkup Livable Yacht series is safety and stability. Both the Arkup 40 and 75 models have a hydraulic self-lifting system, with up to 40-foot long hydraulic legs that can anchor in water up to 20 feet deep, lifting the craft above sea-level and avoiding the inevitable negative effects of choppy waters, bad weather and worse.

Other Arkup Developments

The Livable Yacht Series is the flagship product series, but Arkup has plenty more water-based living technologies up their sleeves. The first is the Floating Island, a series of floating stationary living spaces. They operate off the grid, offering great potential for water-based living or eco resort development. The Arkup Modular in particular is a floating bungalow that can be assembled in groups, ideal for renting out as holiday space.

The other huge vision of Arkup is their “Blue Development” concept. It includes the development of “Blue Communities,” or water-based neighborhoods developed on city waterfronts where added density makes for a more sustainable and resilient community. Learn more about the Arkup vision for luxury living on the water by visiting their website.