TurboHub: Fastest All-in-One SSD & Multiport Adapter

TurboHub is a portable SSD with 6-in-1 expandable adapter.

It seems like every computer being developed and sold in 2020 is coming with less and less storage. Many laptops are being sold with only 32 or 64 GB of storage, which is hardly enough for the operating system on the computer, let alone all of the things you want to store. These computers are sold with the idea that you’ll store your data on the cloud. However, it’s far simpler to store your data directly on your computer, and it’s easier to access.


Larger amounts of data are readily available, but come with additional costs. TurboHub came out with the plan to have us covered. They offer external SSDs with storage space up to 4TB, and they do it all at affordable prices.

The Story of TurboHub

TurboHub is an idea designed around the simple concept that computer and tablet storage is getting more and more expensive far too quickly. Phone and tablet companies, for example, sell us increases in storage for hundreds of dollars, these increases generate huge profits for the company at our expense.

TurboHub is the solution regardless of where you need storage. Their external SSD can connect to your Windows or Mac computer or your tablets or phone. Regardless of where you need the boost, you can use TurboHub.

SSD Features

One of the most unique features you’ll see in the external SSD is the fact that it doesn’t need a bunch of clunky wires to connect to your computer. You can clip it right into your computer and seamlessly add your storage and speed on the side. You will be increasing your storage, but also your computer speed and flexibility through the SSD.

You’ll also notice that the device adds extra ports to your tablet or laptop. You’ll be able to connect additional HDMI cables, flash drives, SD cards, and more with these extra ports. If you need to keep any of your documents or information private, you can also store it directly on the TurboHub SSD and then remove it from your computer, protecting your sensitive data.

Crowdfunding, Pricing and Availability

The TurboHub SSD is currently available on Kickstarter, where it is thriving. As of this writing, there are 1278 backers who have pledged more than $248,000, which is far more than the original goal set by the company, so the product is certain to be developed.

The price varies depending on the amount of storage you’re seeking; the device comes in 1TB, 2TB and 4TB variants. You’ll be able to get your hands on the device in February 2021 if you preorder through Kickstarter. The 1TB is available for $109, the 2TB is available for $189, and the 4TB is available for $339.

Final Thoughts

The TurboHub SSD is your solution to storage issues across all your devices. You no longer have to worry about deleting files or trying to cram everything onto your device. Plus, when you order through Kickstarter, you’ll be saving more than 50% on their retail price, so go check it out while you can!