V-Tex V20: Nanotech waterproof shoes with triple odor-protection

NASA inspired V-Tex V20 is constructed using silver coated fibers to keep bad odors at bay.

There’s nothing worse than your shoes getting soaking wet. It’s extremely uncomfortable, and once you finally get the chance to take your wet shoes off, you have to wait for your pruned-up feet to recover. The next day is even worse; you’ll probably be able to smell your wet shoes from the next room over!

Luckily, the search for a solution has come to an end. The V-Tex V20 waterproof shoes make you feel like you’re putting on a brand-new pair every single day. The waterproof technology combined with triple odor-protection will ensure that your feet stay fresh all day and all year.

Who’s V-Tex?

V-Tex was created by an every day man who experienced the pain of having wet, dirty shoes while traveling the world. He was on a flight in Dubai that had to make an emergency stop due to extreme weather conditions. Every member of the flight had to walk on foot from the landing spot to the airport through the storm.

They all ended up walking through the muddy water, and the idea for the shoes was born. He created the perfect all terrain shoes; they are as durable as winter boots and will keep your feet warm and dry. Moreover, they are lightweight and can be used on summer hikes just the same.

Features of V-Tex V20 Shoes

The V-Tex V20 shoes have had extreme popularity throughout their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which isn’t surprising considering all the features they have. The shoes boast 20 unique features, most of which you won’t find in any other pair of shoes on the market.


Some of the most notable are the fact that the shoes are completely waterproof, odor killing, UV resistant, cold-resistant, totally sand proof, stain proof, stretchable, and completely vegan. This is a way to lower your carbon footprint while making your literal footprint durable and comfortable. They are also silver-lined, which makes them anti-bacteria, keeping them fresh and new every time you wear them.

Crowdfunding, Pricing, and Availability

The shoes are currently available on Indiegogo, and have been extremely successful; they are already more than 1000% past their original goal, and the shoes are definitely being fully funded. Luckily, they have opened up their early bird specials, so it’s not too late to get the shoes at the lowest price they’ll ever be in the future.

The super early bird pairs are still available for $79, and you can get even larger discounts if you buy multiple pairs through the campaign. The shoes will be shipped out in March 2021, so you can expect to get them pretty soon.

Final Thoughts on V-Tex V20

If you’re looking to get new pairs of shoes next year, look no further than the V-Tex V20 waterproof shoes. You don’t have to go about with pruned feet anymore. You’ll want to check out the crowdfunding campaign and decide what style you want to get. You will also get bigger discounts if you buy multiple pairs, so if you have any birthdays to plan for next year, this might be your answer!