Skiskates 2: World’s shortest skis that fit into your backpack

Skiskates bring the joy of skating to the snow. It’s basically like ice-skating on snow.

While others dig out their wool socks and blankets at first sight of snow, you can wax those skis and hit the slopes for fun and sport. Skiing is a recreational and sports activity that strengthens your body and improves your social, mental, and emotional well-being.

If skiing has so much fun to offer, imagine what a skiskating (skiing and skating combination) would feel like — thrilling. Skiskates is your ideal companion for outdoor adventures on the snow. It comes in unique designs, and is fitted with state-of-the-art safety features.

Why choose Skiskates?

Skiskates offer skiers the rare opportunity to ski and skate at the same time. Its incredible flexibility allows you to do tricks, twists, and turns without fear of losing control.

Unlike other skis that barely fit into a car trunk, Skiskates are thoughtfully designed to tag along on every snow hike. Interestingly, Skiskates fit into backpacks, and you won’t even know they are there. They measure 44 cm / 17 inches, making them the world’s shortest and portable skis.

One size fits all

If you are a skiing enthusiast or a great fan of inline skating, ice hockey, or snowboarding, you no longer have to worry about making the right boot size.

Skiskates are fitted with adjustable bindings, making them the perfect fit for boots of all sizes. They are products of high-quality technology and craftsmanship that makes every glide a memorable one.

Skiskates are ideal for virtually all types of skiing

It may interest you to know that Skiskates are an ingenious blend of skis and skates. What this means is that its performance is dynamic and is just right for every landscape.

From downhill alpine skiing to cross-country and freestyle skiing, Skiskates offer more flexibility whenever you hit the snow. Thankfully, these marvels can maneuver narrow hiking trails and forest paths. You can also use them on your backyard hill and groomed cross-country trails with your kids and friends.

Pricing and Availability

Skiskates offer you an excellent blend of skiing and skating in two elegant colors — white and black. It also comes in two dazzling models — those that attach to ski boots and those that attach to snowboard boots. Remember, they fit all boot sizes.

The first set of delivery will be shipped out worldwide come January 2021, while the remainder will follow in September 2021.

While you await your reward for backing and funding this project, you can avail early bird offers and save up to 20% on the price for the Ski Boot Model at $279 instead of $300.

You can also save $50 on the price of two Skiskates boot model and at a giveaway price of $549. September deliveries also come with their perks as well, and this time, the offer is juicier and all for grabs.

September delivery perks include $500 off the price of 10 pairs of Skiskates at $2,499. You also get to take five pairs for $1249 instead of $1500 ($250 off).

Other rewards and perks are 17% off the price of 3 pairs ($739 instead of $900) and two pairs of Skiskates for $498 instead of $600. Early birds get the Skiskates for $249 instead of $300; that’s also 17% off.

You can visit Skiskates crowdfunding website and pledge your support for this project. You will also find other useful information about the shipping and delivery timeline of your reward.