Travelmate: Fully autonomous suitcase and robot assistant

Travelmate Autonomous Suitcase Robot
Travelmate is a self moving suitcase and robot companion. It can follow you wherever you go! Images © Travelmate Robotics

Remember going to the airport as a kid way before your plane was supposed to take off and your parents getting so stressed out if everyone wasn’t out the door at least 3 hours in advance? I never really understood that stress until I had kids of my own and learned about everything that is needed to successfully get to our vacation destination! Between juggling my bags, my wife’s bags, and the kids with all their luggage, simply getting on a plane and going somewhere had become a huge chore.

But that all changed for me the moment I discovered Travelmate. Travelmate takes the hassle out of trying to juggle luggage and gives you your time and attention back to what matters most when going on vacation: family. How so? Well, Travelmate is more than just another suitcase. It’s a fully autonomous suitcase and robot. In layman’s terms, it’s your own personal travel caddy that follows you wherever you go! By the end of this post, you’ll come to the same conclusion that I did when I first learned about Travelmate; it’s the last suitcase you’ll ever buy. Let’s get started.

Smart robotic transportation

First and foremost, Travelmate is the best suitcase for people on the go because it makes moving your luggage from A to Z and all the letters in between a breeze. The Bluetooth 4.1 onboard gives you a constant connection to your smartphone that acts as a homing beacon. Wherever you go, so follows your robot suitcase!

Alleviates common inconveniences

One of the most stressful parts of traveling is when you’re checking your luggage before heading to security. That scale that tells you exactly how much extra money you’ll end up needing to spend because you overpacked can make just about anyone sweat! But Travelmate eliminates that issue with its built-in digital scale. You’ll know exactly how much weight is in your bag so when you go to check in, you’ll feel relaxed and ready to spend that money you saved on baggage charges on food, drinks, and experiences on your trip!

Security for peace of mind

Keeping your bag secure and knowing where it’s at is a constant challenge with standard suitcases. Small, flimsy locks can easily be defeated by thieves and if your bag gets stolen, you’ll likely never see it again! Travelmate takes peace of mind when traveling to the next level with its TSA approved Bluetooth enabled lock and onboard GPS. No one is getting into your bag but you! And if they decide to walk off with your bag, you’ll know exactly where to send the police to help recover it for you with the built-in GPS!

Final thoughts

Travelmate is available in 3 sizes – small, medium and large. Pricing starts from $1,099. As you can see, there are several great reasons why Travelmate has to be your next suitcase. It follows you around wherever you go to free your hands and mind to be present with the people that matter most. You’re able to know exactly where it is with its built in GPS feature. And you’ll rest easy knowing that your belongings are secure with its TSA approved Bluetooth enabled lock. The only question that is left is, when are you going to get yours?

Source: Travelmate Robotics