Petvation: Smart automatic pet door with facial recognition

Petvation Smart Pet Door
The smart pet door uses AI-powered cameras and smart sensors to detect your pet. Images © Petvation

A pet door is a useful thing to have if your dog or cat is allowed to go outside. They allow your pet to come and go as they please. However, they may invite other unwanted guests like raccoons. One innovative piece of technology seeks to fix this. Petvation is a unique smart pet door that can tell the difference between your pet and a stranger. Let’s talk about how it can help keep your home safe and provide convenience for your furry friend.

Petvation uses advanced sensors

This smart pet door uses a combination of sensors and artificial intelligence to tell the difference between your cat or dog and other animals. The door only allows your pet to pass through. The device remains locked when it sees other critters.

Facial recognition technology makes this possible. This is how we unlock our phones. However, facial recognition can also be trained to recognize the faces of animals. When the sensors detect the face of a cat or dog, it attempts to find a match for your pet. The door will only unlock if there is a positive match.

Control via mobile app

Petvation has a number of additional controls. The mobile app is the key to accessing these controls. Also, the app makes usage data available to owners. The door can be opened and closed manually from this app from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Keeping your pet safe

The smart pet door has a number of safety features to protect your furry friend. For instance, Petvation has three primary safety features:

  • Sensors
  • Anti-pinch mechanism
  • Self-diagnosis system

Powerful sensors keep track of your pet as they pass through. Pinched tails are never fun. Anti-pinch prevention sensors make sure that the door will never close if your pet is standing underneath the door. Additionally, the self-diagnosis system will continue to improve the door based on pet behavior.

Petvation is quiet

This smart pet door is much quieter than traditional pet doors. Since there aren’t any flaps for cats to bang around in the middle of the night, the only sound from the door is the motor. It’s very quiet, only making 40-45dB of sound – about the same as an air conditioner.

Durable build

Petvation is tough. This ensures that you’ll have a strong pet door for years. The door is airtight, windproof, and water resistant. As a result, it will be easier to control the temperature in your house. Additionally, a strong aluminum alloy frame makes up the door.

When will Petvation be available?

The company says that mass production will begin in August 2022. The first batch should be available to ship in September. The second batch will ship in October. Therefore, if everything goes according to plan, you may be able to get a smart pet door installed in your home very soon!

How much will it cost?

The company has a few different pricing models for the door. Currently Petvation is available for pre-order. To explain, there are three pre-order packages:

  • KS Petvation 1 Early Bird: $169 (1 door)
  • KS Petvation 2 Super Early Bird: $278 (2 doors)
  • KS Petvation 2 Early Bird: $338 (2 doors)