Drinkie: The self-cleaning pet water dispenser

Drinkie Self Cleaning Pet Water Dispenser
Drinkie is a smart self-cleaning water dispenser that your pet deserves.

If you’re tired of washing out dirty pet water bowls, or the limitations of currently available electric water dispensers for pets, then you really need the Drinkie self-cleaning pet water dispenser from Cheerble. We’re sure you’ve never seen a pet water bowl quite like this one, with truly smart features and even the ability to help improve your pet’s health.

Clean water all day long

The Drinkie dispenser features 2 main water tanks, namely a 106-oz (3-liter) fresh water storage tank at the back and a 35-oz (1 liter) waste water storage at the front below the drinking bowl. Multiple jets bring water into the bowl from the fresh water storage tank, which your pet can then drink directly.

When the water bowl is dirty from pet hair, bits of food and other contaminants, Drinkie will clean it by draining any remaining water and then spraying the bowl with fresh water before refilling. With a full tank and on its standard filling and cleaning settings, Drinkie can provide your pet with fresh water for up to 5 days.

How does it work?

Drinkie is made all the easier to use thanks to the smartphone app that accompanies it. The app will monitor water levels within Drinkie and prompt you when fresh water levels are low and/or when the waste water tank is getting full.

What’s more, you can set how many times per day the Drinkie cleans itself according to your pet’s own drinking habits. If you have a pet who regularly dirties the water, then you can set it to clean more often. A few presses of the app’s buttons and you’re good to go. You can also make use of “Intelligent Mode” that will set the cleaning schedule automatically based on your pet’s individual drinking habits.

The main constituent parts come apart very easily for easy rinsing and cleaning, which means that Drinkie is also a truly hassle-free smart pet product.

Helping improve your pet’s health

It’s quite a bold claim of any product to say that it can help improve your pet’s health, but Drinkie can do so. The smartphone app does a lot more than just monitor water levels and organize the cleaning rota. It also monitors your pets drinking habits: how often they drink and how much, and whether or not they’re drinking the recommended amount of about a cup of water daily.

Using this data, the app will prompt you that your pet is not drinking enough, which at some points in their life can be an indicator of declining health. At the same time, however, Drinkie actively takes steps to encourage your pet to drink more by making sounds to attract their attention and bring them back to the water bowl for more water when needed.

Drinkie is available to order now

For a pledge of $99 you can book a Drinkie right now. Delivery is expected in January 2022, with delivery available worldwide. Explore a whole new way of watering your pets with Drinkie from Cheerble.