EV Safe Charge ZiGGY: Mobile EV Charging Robot

ZiGGY EV Safe Charge
ZiGGY is a mobile EV charger that drives to you. Images © EV Safe Charge

For most parking garages that want to offer EV charging solutions, an entire overhaul of the building is required. Garages need dedicated charging stations and parking spaces to support their EV guests. In addition, those parking spaces have the off chance of being misused by non-EV vehicles. EV vehicles may overstay their welcome. That’s where EV Safe Charge ZiGGY comes in.

EV Safe Charge designed ZiGGY to bring electric vehicle charging to parking garages and lots that doesn’t require an entire overhaul of facilities. Instead of installing fixed charging stations, businesses can acquire a fleet of charging robots that roll up to vehicles and plug in automatically. When charging is complete, ZiGGY moves back to its own charging station elsewhere to prepare to help another vehicle. Let’s talk more about how EV Safe Charge is solving EV parking and charging problems with ZiGGY.

Recharging electric vehicles

EV Safe Charge ZiGGY has a few core features that make the magic happen:

  • Four cameras to recognize its surroundings as it moves.
  • Front headlight to see in dark parking garages and alert vehicles of its presence.
  • Tail light for visibility and safety.
  • Safety sensor band for additional collision detection.
  • Four wheels with all wheel steering.
  • Two screens for information and advertising.

ZiGGY Design Features

Navigating to EVs

To charge an EV in a parking garage, the first step in EV Safe Charge ZiGGY’s journey is to learn that an electric vehicle has parked. A driver initiates the service via an app on their phone. After that, ZiGGY moves into position with an array of sensors and cameras.

Thanks to the four cameras and sensors on the robot, it can use image recognition to recognize obstacles and pedestrians and avoid them. In addition, the robot can use these cameras to recognize your vehicle to approach for charging.

EV Safe Charge ZiGGY reserves spots for drivers

A promotional video advertises another feature for ZiGGY. The video shows the robot finding an empty parking space for an EV in advance. Drivers would just need to use the app to inform the robot that they’re on their way and the robot will reserve a space. However, it’s not clear how long it will take for ZiGGY to find an open space and what might happen if no spaces are available.

ZiGGY Parking Space Reservation
ZiGGY even reserves a parking space for you.

What is the battery capacity of EV Safe Charge ZiGGY?

As of right now, ZiGGY’s battery capacity is unclear. The Tesla Model Y battery capacity is 75 kWh. Because of this, charging an electric vehicle like a Tesla will require a very large battery. It’s possible that ZiGGY may not support charging vehicles to 100% because of its small size. As a result, it may only charge the vehicle partially.

As an advertising platform

The robot’s two screens on either side may be a valuable advertising opportunity for parking garages. By partnering with nearby businesses, services can be advertised to vehicle owners as they search for places to park and walk to and from their vehicle.