The Wind Tree silently generates electricity from gentle breezes

The Wind Tree New World Wind
The Wind Tree can exploit all types of wind, from gentle breezes to powerful gusts of wind in both urban and rural environments. Images © New World Wind

The reality of climate change is creeping in closer and closer each year, and it has led to an encouraging push to clean up the environment and shift to green, renewable energy sources. Countries from around the world are installing wind turbines and solar panels in remote areas, but how can a city, town, or individual contribute to the cause? New World Wind has the answer: The Wind Tree – an artificial tree designed to capture and convert wind energy.

What is a Wind Tree?

Installing traditional wind turbines takes a great amount of money, energy, and space. The technology works great and provides clean energy, but it is not practical to install the massive structures in the downtown of a city – let alone in someone’s garden; that’s where the Wind Tree comes in.

These artificial trees are designed with three steel trunks and other smaller branches that house miniature wind turbines in the shape of leaves. A small gust of wind propels the leaves into motion and – voilà – the Wind Tree begins providing an environmentally friendly form of energy.

The Wind Tree only requires an 11-meter radius of land to be installed. Parks, business plazas, and even homes have suddenly become the perfect locations to host a source of renewable energy.

In the span of a year, New World Wind claims a single Wind Tree can generate 83% of a French household’s electricity consumption.

Aeroleaf technology

To be functional in an urban setting, New World Wind created the first micro-turbine known as the Aeroleaf. The Aeroleaf’s cone shape allows it to catch wind energy at 360°, and it only requires a wind speed of 2.5 meters per second to initiate energy generation.

Wind Tree New World Wind
The Wind Tree is composed of 3 steel trunks that stem into tinier branches on which the 36 leaf-shaped wind turbines are attached.

What about noise? Surely something like this is constantly humming and buzzing, but that is not the case. New World Wind designed the Aeroleaf to rotate without using a belt or a gear, making it a silent generator suitable for any location.

Other models

New World Wind also offers two other similar products that capture wind energy: the Modular Tree and the Bush. Both products use the same Aeroleaf technology, but they come in a smaller design that is more suitable for someone’s garden.

Unlike the Wind Tree, these alternative options can be equipped with photovoltaic petals that capture energy from the sun and add a second source of green energy. Adding the photovoltaic petals to the base of each Aeroleaf increases energy production by 5%.

Tree for tree deal

For every Wind Tree, Bush, or Modular Tree purchased, New World Wind’s partner MyTree has pledged to plant ten new trees – actual trees. The company has already planted dozens of trees around the world.

How much does it cost?

The Wind Tree can be customized and ordered through New World Wind’s website, and the pricing starts at 49,990€ (US$50,830). Cost for the Modular Tree ranges from 28,800€ (US$29,350) to 47,500€ (US$48,400), and the Bush runs at 21,500€ (US$21,900). The technology used to capture wind energy is not cheap, but, in theory, a Wind Tree will pay for itself over and over again.

Source: New World Wind