Geminos: Stacked screens for enhanced productivity

Mobile Pixels Geminos Stacked Screens
Geminos is an adjustable stacked dual-screen desktop monitor setup. Images © Mobile Pixels Inc

Beyond screen size and casing thickness, how much has the typical computer monitor really changed over the years? The main thing to have changed in offices isn’t monitors themselves, but rather the number of them that people have on their desks. Two or more screens is now increasingly common as more and more people migrate their working lives to the digital space.

But this kind of setup has its own problems, such as the uncomfortable rapid eye and neck movements needed to move one’s attention from one to the other, all the added clutter to our desks, and more. To solve these problems, Mobile Pixels Inc has come up with their fifth-generation dual-screen desktop monitor, the Geminos.

What is the Geminos?

Geminos is a fully integrated folding dual-screen monitor system developed by Mobile Pixels Inc. The idea is to provide a more ergonomically sound enlarged display solution that allows easy visual access to materials while also taking up minimal space on one’s desk or other workspace.

The Geminos dual-screen monitor folds up into a laptop-like portable stored mode, and is composed of two displays of 24 inches each, a 1080P webcam with speakers, a USB docking station, 100W USB-C pass-through charging port, and other optional accessories and connectors all built into one handy unit.

All one has to do to get started with Geminos is fold open the dual screens, connect the computer, adjust the displays to one’s preferred position, and that’s it. The top monitor slides up and down, while the bottom monitor pivots in and out so you can create the ideal angles to suit your seating position and other display needs.

Mobile Pixels Geminos Fold Open Dual Screen
Fold open the dual screens

Docking station ready for anything

Propping up the amazing Geminos dual-screen display is its built-in docking station. This simple, space-saving unit does more than just keep your Geminos screens firmly and safely anchored in place, it also acts as an all-in-one connection hub. The docking station features every kind of plug you’d ever need, all in one place so you don’t need to add to your cable mess with additional connectors and adapters.

Connections in the docking station include:

  • 2 x USB A ports
  • USB-C port
  • Ethernet
  • 2 x HDMI Ports
  • TF/SD Card Slot
  • 5mm Audio Jack

That means whatever devices you have to connect to the Geminos, old or new, for work or other purposes can be joined up without fuss, and without added purchase and added desk clutter. What’s more, the Geminos is ready to work with any Mac, Windows, or Linux operating system, and can be connected with laptops and desktops, or consoles like the XBox and PlayStation.

Early bird offers available now

The Geminos dual-screen display is available now to early-bird backers of their Kickstarter project. The “Super Early Bird” offer prices the Geminos unit at $499 (50 percent off retail), and the regular pledge offering delivers you a unit at $699 (30 percent off retail). Other add-ons priced from $19 to $129 include:

  • Pod speaker
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse set
  • Leather desk mat
  • Laptop stand
  • 8-1 or 5-1 cable connector hubs
  • And more

Their fifth Kickstarter campaign has also been a mega success, collecting over US$1.4 million so far. Follow the link below to learn more about this revolutionary workspace display. Change up the way you display with Geminos.

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