The new 4-seater car that transforms into a Segway

Concept AUDI Vista Segway
Concept 4-seater AUDI Vista folds and transforms into a Segway for city riding. Images © Hyunsik Moon

Car manufacturers are constantly coming up with ways to make their products stand out from the crowd. From implementing new materials to experimenting with lighting, car designers constantly challenge themselves to develop new concepts that will wow potential consumers.

These creative innovations can be seen in everything from high-end sports cars to compact urban vehicles. Take, for example, this unique compact car concept that can transform into a Segway, created by a student as part of his master’s project at the Pforzheim University in Germany. This unusual vehicle is named the AUDI Vista and it was designed by Hyunsik Moon as part of an AUDI-sponsored project in his second-semester course in Transportation Design.

A few features of the AUDI Vista

The AUDI Vista changes from a car to a Segway without propelling the riders from their seats, thanks to a switch. The chair mechanism automatically adjusts to the folding.

The conceptual car is roofless by choice. The roofless design of the car, especially when it is a Segway, offers a panoramic view of the surroundings.

When Hyunsik Moon designed the vehicle, he envisioned four people sitting in the car and having the same ride experience. He positions them with their backs facing each other to provide more legroom and allows the vehicle to fold in the middle.

Concept Audi Vista Segway Four Seats
The riders sit with their back facing each other, allowing the vehicle to fold in the middle.

With the swift transition from the regular mode that still looks like a car to Segway mode, the concept car can save you from being stuck for hours in rush hour mayhem.

The AUDI Vista also utilizes AUDI Quattro technology to provide two unique experiences. There are four exposed seats on this transforming electric vehicle for the driver and passengers to appreciate the scenery while driving. To keep driving simple, there is a one-hand controller that doubles as the transmission. It’s like a console joystick for the front-seat driver, who moves it in the direction they want the car to head.

Concept Audi Vista Driving Modes
The two driving modes of the AUDI Vista concept car.

A reason this concept could have been created

As the world grapples with urbanization and rising car ownership, parking spaces and traffic gridlocks are becoming increasingly pressing concerns. City streets are becoming congested and pushing many citizens to consider smaller vehicle options, which is something the conceptual AUDI Vista Roadster focuses on.

It has the benefits of being easier to park, more compact, and easier to maneuver around tight spaces, so Moon’s got himself a real winner of an idea.

Concept Audi Vista Segway Transforming
AUDI Vista folds in the middle and transforms into a Segway-like commuter.

Final thoughts

A concept car doesn’t need to be practical, but it does need to be cool. Just imagine zipping around cities and parking lots in a car that can transform into a Segway. A car that is capable of transforming from a standard, boxy form into a slim streamlined shape within a matter of seconds. Now imagine the coolest possible version of that concept. That is the AUDI Vista.

While AUDI Vista is probably not going into production soon, it does highlight the car designer’s interest in exploring new ways of thinking about mobility. If it does eventually go into production, we would definitely want to try it.

Source: Hyunsik Moon