DeLorean Omega 2040: The off-road car from the future

DeLorean Omega 2040 Concept
The DeLorean Omega 2040 Concept. Images © DeLorean

DeLorean Motor Company unveiled the next-generation EV concept “Omega 2040” for the first time at the “Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2022” held in the United States in late August.

This car is a 2040 off-road racing EV proposal with the theme of “Baja”, which is known as the stage of desert racing. The design philosophy of the next-generation DeLorean is said to be a complete break from current car design.

DeLorean continues to imagine future concepts. A familiar car from the movie “Back to the Future,” DeLorean announced its return with a new model “Alpha5 EV” for the first time in 40 years at the end of May. Now, breaking away from traditional automotive design, the next-generation Omega 2040 concept looks as if it was built for driving in a world ravaged by climate change.

The rear glass has hexagonal parts that can be changed, but are these solar panels? The tires are also rough like a planetary probe, and the vertically elongated front and rear lights seem to have almost no air resistance. My first impression was that it seemed like something an industrial design student would come up with, but I think it’s great that the official announcement of the concept car of the future is ambitious.

DeLorean Alpha5 Plasmatail and Omega 2040
The DeLorean Alpha5 Plasmatail concept, left, and the Omega 2040 concept.

The Omega has an aerodynamic silhouette with a coupe-style roofline, gullwing doors, high ground clearance and huge wheels. Tires and rims are integrated, LED lights protrude from the body, bumpers are minimal, and side windows are invisible (though they could be body-coloured). The hexagonal elements of the rear windscreen are similar to those of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR Concept, with some of the suspension components exposed.

DeLorean Alpha5 Production Model
The Alpha5 production model, with its gullwing door open, at Pebble Beach.

Omega uses the design freedom of the electric powertrain to achieve a high-riding design with opaque doors and chunky combination wheel tires. The overall effect is more akin to a lunar rover than an earth-bound vehicle. From the top, the Omega has a slippery, aerodynamic hourglass shape, with the windshield appearing to extend across the body.

DeLorean showed off the two concepts at Pebble Beach: the Alpha 5 Plasmatail, a shooting brake version of the Alpha5, and the Omega 2040. The Plasmatail will go into production alongside the coupe in 2024. The Omega, on the other hand, is pure fun. It presents a new vision for the automotive company and it reveals the new generation design as DeLorean departs from the traditional. 2040 is not getting any nearer yet this was presented as a celebration of mobility and driving.

Source: DeLorean