Acer ventures into e-bike market with AI-driven ebii urban commuter

Acer ebii AI-Driven eBike
The ebii is Acer's debut e-bike featuring AI-enhanced capabilities; it intelligently adapts motor assistance according to riders' pedaling and surrounding conditions for seamless urban commuting. Images © Acer

Acer, the renowned consumer electronics giant, is set to make a splash in the electric micro-mobility market with its upcoming AI-driven commuter e-bike, the ebii. While Acer may not be the first brand that comes to mind when thinking of e-bikes, the company aims to change that perception with its innovative new offering.

Jerry Kao, a representative from Acer, stated that the all-new ebii is designed to deliver on Acer’s commitment to sustainability, technology, and creative design. As urban commuters seek convenient, safe, and greener options, the ebii’s AI assistance and innovative safety features will enable them to travel farther and faster.

The ebii lacks a traditional mechanical gearset. Instead, it comes equipped with an intelligent vehicle control box featuring AI-powered brains that can automatically adjust motor assistance according to route conditions and rider preferences. Over time, the system will adapt to individual riders for a more personalized experience.

Users can pair their smartphones with the ebii via Bluetooth using the ebiiGO app, which provides access to control features, battery status, recommended routes, theft detection, and GPS positioning. The app can also power on the e-bike without needing a key and be used to choose from three ebiiRide modes.

Acer ebii Battery Motor Range
The ebii boasts a 460-Wh detachable battery, offering up to 110 km of riding on a single charge, and provides flexibility with its 250-W motor, available as a front or rear wheel hub option or as a mid-mount.

Acer subsidiary MPS Energy designed the e-bike’s 110-km (68-mile) battery, which is housed within the control box. The battery can be removed for indoor charging or to serve as a mobile power bank for gadgets. The 460-Wh capacity battery requires only 2.5 hours to recharge fully.

Acer offers three configuration options for the 250-W motor: front-wheel drive, mounted at the bracket, or installed in the rear wheel. Regardless of the choice, the ebii will feature a low-maintenance carbon belt drive setup, 40 Nm (29.5 lb.ft) of torque, and pedal assist up to 25 km/h in Europe or 20 mph in the US.

The minimalist aluminum-alloy frame sports a semi-transparent headlight that, along with the tail-light, can automatically power on as daylight fades. Additional strip lighting under the control box increases visibility in traffic. A radar sensor mounted under the saddle warns of approaching vehicles from behind, and the e-bike also includes a crash detection feature.

Acer ebii Headlight Tail-Light
As daylight transitions to nighttime, the ebii’s headlight and tail-light activate automatically, while additional side lighting on the battery pack enhances visibility in traffic for added safety.

The ebii has a single-sided fork and rides on 20-inch wheels with 2.2-inch airless tires. These tires contain multi-layer foam inserts designed to recreate the feeling of “moving through the wind.” The tires are made using closed-loop recyclable materials for an eco-friendly end-of-life solution. Hydraulic disc brakes with 160-mm rotors provide stopping power.

The mid-step frame comes in one size, supporting rider heights ranging from 1.45 to 1.85 m (4.75 – 6 ft). The ebii weighs a relatively light 16 kg (35 lb). Acer has yet to disclose the ebike’s release date or price, stating that both will vary by region. A double-leg kickstand is included, but fenders and a rear rack are available as optional extras.

Acer’s entry into the e-bike market with the AI-driven ebii urban commuter promises to offer urban commuters a sustainable, technology-driven, and creative solution to their transportation needs. With its innovative safety features, AI assistance, and eco-friendly design, the Acer ebii is poised to make a strong impression in the electric micro-mobility space. See the ebii in action in the video below.

Source: Acer ebii