The Coop: A smart, sustainable, and secure home for your backyard chickens

The Coop Backyard Chickens
The Coop features an elevated base and ladder. It's raised 18 inches off the ground with a convenient way for your chickens to get in and out.

The humble chicken coop has been reimagined for the 21st century with the introduction of The Coop, a high-tech, camera- and alarm-equipped chicken home. Manufactured by Austin, Texas-based startup Coop, this innovative design aims to provide a convenient, sustainable, and secure shelter for backyard chicken enthusiasts.

The Coop is specifically designed to accommodate up to six chickens and consists of two main components: the Roost, a weatherproof shelter, and the Run, a detachable fenced outdoor area. The Roost is crafted from double-walled recyclable plastic, with an air gap between the walls for insulation during colder nights. An integrated ambient light sensor ensures that the door of the Roost automatically opens at sunrise and closes at sunset, providing protection from predators.

To further enhance security and convenience, The Coop is equipped with two HD night-vision cameras, one in the Roost and another in the Run. Users can monitor their chickens remotely via an app, which also allows them to manually open and close the door, ensuring that no chicken is left outside after dark. In the event of a predator attempting to enter the Roost or Run, the user can activate an SOS mode that illuminates both camera lights, closes the Roost’s door, and plays back the sound of a barking dog through integrated speakers.

The app will also notify users if any movement is detected outside the Roost or Run, even if they are not actively monitoring the cameras. To further streamline the experience for chicken owners, The Coop features a nesting box that can be unlocked and pulled out from the outside for easy egg retrieval. Additionally, the floor of the Roost is covered in a compostable compressed-pulp litter tray, which can be quickly removed and replaced by opening one wall of the Roost.

The Coop Side Open for Cleaning
The side of the Roost opens up for cleaning.

Currently, The Coop is available for preorder within the US at a temporary price of $1,995, with a planned retail price of $2,495. To access the online camera feature and receive 12 litter trays per year, buyers are required to subscribe to a $19 monthly membership. First orders are expected to ship in spring and summer, offering backyard chicken enthusiasts a smart, sustainable, and secure solution for their feathered friends.

The Coop Houses Up to 6 Chickens
The Coop can house up to 6 chickens.
The Roost Inside Camera
The Roost features an HD night-vision camera (top right).

Source: The Coop