Stilride unveils folded-steel electric scooter with unique design

Stilride Folded Steel Electric Scooter
Each of the inaugural "Limited Founders Edition" Stilride 1 scooters will be distinctly marked with individual numbering and will feature sleek black fenders and stylish black accents. Images © Stillride

Swedish startup Stilride has announced the full specifications and pricing for the production model of its innovative folded-steel electric scooter, the Stilride 1. The company first introduced the concept with a prototype named SUS1 in 2020. Stilride’s unique production technique sets it apart from traditional scooter manufacturing, offering a number of environmental and cost benefits.

The Stilride 1’s main body is constructed from a single sheet of robotically folded stainless steel, inspired by origami. This is in contrast to most scooters, which typically feature a welded tubular-metal frame covered by plastic body panels. According to Stilride, this unique manufacturing method results in several advantages, including reduced manual labor, less wasted material, lower total weight, and the ability to produce the scooters in small, regional factories. This last benefit is particularly important, as it minimizes the transportation of raw materials and finished products.

Stilride reports that the Stilride 1 is 40% lighter than a traditionally made scooter, with 70% fewer structural components, 20% lower material costs, and 25% lower production costs. The company also emphasizes the scooter’s aesthetics, which have a distinctly modern appearance. Moreover, the steel scraps and the body itself are 100% recyclable, further contributing to its eco-friendly credentials.

The Stilride 1 is classified as a light electric motorcycle, featuring a rear hub motor that generates 280 Nm (207 lb ft) of peak torque and a top speed of 100 km/h (62 mph). A 51V/5.1-kWh lithium-ion battery pack powers the scooter, offering a range of approximately 120 km (75 miles) per four-hour charge.

Stilride Folded Steel Electric Scooter Weight
The total weight of the Stilride 1, inclusive of the battery, is said to be 130 kg (286 lb).

Additional features include 3.50 x 13-inch wheels, ISR disc brakes with a Continental two-channel antilock braking system, and front and rear suspension. The scooter’s total weight is 130 kg (286 lb), including the battery.

Interested customers can register for updates on the Stilride website. The Stilride 1 is priced at US$16,500, and the first deliveries are expected to begin in the spring of 2024 (Northern Hemisphere). With its innovative design, reduced environmental impact, and competitive pricing, the Stilride 1 presents an exciting new option for those looking for an eco-friendly alternative in the electric scooter market.

Stilride 1 Disc Brakes Suspension
Equipped with ISR disc brakes and both front and rear suspension systems, the Stilride 1 offers enhanced safety and ride comfort.
Stilride 1 Electric Scooter Padded Saddle
The padded seat on the Stilride 1 boasts a more streamlined design compared to its predecessor, the SUS1.

Source: Stillride