‘Theft-Proof’ bike’s whole frame turns into a lock

Yerka v3 Theft-Proof Bicycle
Yerka is dubbed as the world's first theft-proof bicycle.

Yerka Bikes has unveiled the third generation of its innovative theft-proof bicycle, the Yerka V3. Designed with urban living in mind, this minimalist two-wheeler ensures that your bicycle is secure and safe, while providing a comfortable and stylish ride. With a bike stolen every four seconds in Europe, Yerka Bikes has focused on creating a bicycle that is not only difficult to steal but also renders itself useless if tampered with.

The Yerka V3’s unique design incorporates the patented Yerka Locking Technology, which transforms the bike’s downtube into an anti-theft lock. The downtube can be cracked open and secured to any structure up to seven inches wide using the seat post as the second part of the lock. Once locked, breaking the lock would mean breaking the bike frame itself, making it an impractical target for thieves. Additionally, the locking mechanism secures the bike’s cranks, rendering the bicycle unrideable if someone attempts to break the lock.

The bike’s wheels are also protected against theft, featuring unique nuts that can only be removed using a special adapter provided with the purchase. This innovative approach to bicycle security ensures that your investment is safe from theft attempts and discourages criminals looking for a quick hit.

Weighing in at less than 30 pounds (12.9 kg), the Yerka V3 is lighter than a conventional bike and lock combination. The bicycle’s frame is made of aluminum and chromoly steel, providing rigidity and durability while maintaining a sleek appearance. Yerka Bikes has designed the V3 to withstand a payload of up to 150 kg (330 pounds) without compromising performance.

Yerka v3 Theft-Proof Bicycle Locked Around Tree
The Yerka V3 bike securely locked around a tree, showcasing its innovative frame-locking system and eliminating the need to carry a separate lock.

Safety is paramount in the Yerka V3’s design, with the bike featuring Kenda Kwest 700x35c reflective tires for increased visibility at night, ensuring that your ride is easily seen by other road users. The bicycle also comes with Yerka fenders, Radius brakes, and Wellgo pedals, and is compatible with third-party accessories like child seats and cargo racks.

Available in four stylish colors – turquoise, gold, black, and white – the Yerka V3 has something for every urban commuter. The gold model even boasts an anodized treatment on its rims, providing a protective layer that maximizes the bike’s lifespan and minimizes maintenance visits.

Yerka v3 Theft-Proof Bicycle Lock Not Needed
Yerka V3 bicycle’s ingenious frame design doubles as a secure lock, providing unmatched theft protection and peace of mind for urban cyclists.

The Yerka V3 can be purchased directly through the company’s website and is offered in two configurations – single-speed and three-speed. The single-speed version is priced at $699, while the three-speed model costs $799.

In addition to its focus on security, Yerka Bikes is committed to sustainability. Each Yerka bicycle is currently 95% recyclable, and the company is working towards a product line made from 100% recycled materials. By combining security, style, and sustainability, Yerka Bikes has created an urban commuter bicycle that truly stands out from the crowd.

Experience the future of urban cycling with the Yerka V3, a theft-proof bicycle that guarantees peace of mind, a comfortable ride, and a stylish design for city dwellers everywhere.

Yerka v3 Theft-Proof Bicycle Reflective Strip
Thick reflective strips on Yerka V3 tires ensure enhanced visibility and safety during nighttime rides, keeping cyclists visible to motorists.

Source: Yerka