RollAway transforms the 250-mile BrightDrop into a luxurious glamping van

RollAway BrightDrop Zevo 600 Electric RV
RollAway is in the process of transforming the BrightDrop Zevo 600 into an opulent camper van, dubbed the Suite on Wheels. Images © RollAway

Sunnyvale, California-based company RollAway is revolutionizing the American recreational vehicle (RV) market with the introduction of its luxurious, all-electric camper van. Based on GM’s BrightDrop Zevo 600 commercial van, the RollAway electric RV provides a five-star glamping experience and a sustainable alternative to traditional RVs.

The electric camper van market has been dominated by converted internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles like the Ford E-Transit and Citroën e-SpaceTourer, which have relatively limited ranges. However, RollAway’s electric RV, which is set to be available in 2023, offers a more forward-looking solution. The 290-inch long Zevo 600 van boasts a respectable estimated range of 250 miles (402 km) and a spacious cargo area with 600 cubic feet (17 cu m) of space and a 6.8 feet (2 m) interior height. The vehicle also features all-wheel drive and up to 300 hp and 390 lb-ft of motor output. GM claims that it can charge 160 miles (257 km) in an hour.

RollAway’s luxurious electric camper van comes in three different models: the GlampVan, LuxVan, and QuadVan. The GlampVan is designed for two people, featuring a queen-sized bed, while the more upscale LuxVan offers a spa-class bathroom, spacious living and dining area, and high-end furniture and décor. The QuadVan is designed for four people, featuring a queen bunk bed layout.

Beyond the stylish and comfortable interiors, RollAway offers a full-service hotel experience for its customers. An on-demand virtual concierge service is available via a touchscreen interface, offering customizable activities and itineraries both before and during the trip. Renters also benefit from onboard Starlink satellite internet, ensuring constant connectivity.

RollAway Electric RV Full Service Vacation
Guests of RollAway can fully immerse themselves in the electric van lifestyle by venturing out on exciting excursions, or choose to stay within the San Francisco area, enjoying a comprehensive vacation experience.

Additional services include farm-to-table breakfast packages, housecleaning, room service, and more. Some of these services may be limited to specific geographic areas or rolled out at a later date after the initial launch.

By seamlessly combining camper van rentals, glamping, and EV travel, RollAway offers an innovative way for people to experience all-electric RVing and road tripping without purchasing an expensive camper van. The company also provides the backing of a hotel-style vacation service, ensuring a luxurious and worry-free experience for its customers.

RollAway Electric RV Enjoying Van Life
Savoring the picturesque vistas of van life.

RollAway launched pre-booking several weeks ago, with packages starting at $1,300 for a three-night stay. An early-bird discount is currently available, dropping the price of a three-night package to just $800 with a nominal $1 reservation fee. The first Zevo 600 “Suite on Wheels” camper van guests are expected to be welcomed in August 2023.

The RollAway electric RV offers an attractive and sustainable alternative to traditional RVs, allowing customers to experience luxurious, eco-friendly road trips without the need to invest in a costly camper van. With a respectable range, stylish interiors, and hotel-style services, RollAway’s electric RV is set to ease America into a new era of electric RV travel.

RollAway Electric RV Hospitality On Demand App
Utilizing the Hospitality On-Demand app, guests can access a variety of on-demand services such as concierge assistance, personalized travel plans, room service, housekeeping services, and more!

In conclusion, RollAway’s innovative electric RV offering presents an exciting opportunity for those looking to experience sustainable road trips with a touch of luxury. As the electric RV market expands and EV charging infrastructure continues to improve, the future of road trips is set to become more sustainable, accessible, and enjoyable for all.

Source: RollAway