Giraffe Tools launches its newest wall-mounted pressure washer model

Giraffe Tools Grandfalls G20 Wall-Mounted Pressure Washer
The versatile Grandfalls G20 Pressure Washer with its innovative 180° rotating wall-mounted design, making cleaning tasks effortless and space-saving. Images © Giraffe Tools

Since its official launch on May 25th, Giraffe Tools’ latest innovation, the Grandfalls G20 Pressure Washer, has taken the market by storm, completely redefining the cleaning experience. As of June 7th, the crowdfunding campaign for the new model on Indiegogo has surpassed its initial funding goal of $10,000, raking in a staggering $151,825 with 18 days remaining.

The Grandfalls G20, part of the Grandfalls Pressure Washer series, is a revolutionary all-in-one unit that seamlessly combines the power of traditional cleaning machines and the convenience of high-pressure lithium electric water guns. This new model ushers in an era of effortless cleaning with its unique rotating wall-mounted design and intelligent auto-retract system. By eliminating the need for assembly and storage, the Grandfalls G20 makes tidying up less of a chore and more of a pleasure.

Being the first wall-mounted pressure washer in the world, the Grandfalls G20 not only saves users installation time but also conserves storage space. The unit’s 180° rotating bracket and wall-mounted design ensure flexibility while protecting the hose from damage due to scraping against walls. It comes with a customizable angle, reliable locking, stylish stable casing, and a space-saving design, making it a versatile addition to any home or business.

Another distinctive feature of the Grandfalls G20 is its unique DS trigger and shift-lock mechanism that allow for customized usage. Simply pull the hose out to the desired length without worrying about kinks and tangles. The shift-lock mechanism holds the hose at the required length, giving users the freedom to pause and resume their cleaning tasks at their convenience.

Grandfalls G20 Pressure Washer 180-Degree Rotation
Experience unparalleled flexibility with the Grandfalls G20’s unique 180° rotating bracket – a revolutionary feature for comprehensive cleaning coverage.

In terms of performance, the Grandfalls G20 delivers impressively. Its maximum working pressure reaches up to 2200PSI, with a maximum flow rate and a robust driving motor that quickly and effortlessly eliminates tough grime. Its energy-efficient design includes a total stop system feature that automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged, thus extending the pump’s life.

The Grandfalls G20 is also extremely versatile, thanks to the four quick-connect nozzles (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°) it comes with. These nozzles, coupled with the foam cannon, enable users to undertake a wide range of cleaning tasks from washing decks, patios, pavements, garden furniture, walls, and windows, to detailing cars. The washer is equipped with a 65ft high-pressure hose, which is both wear-resistant and impervious to sharp objects. This hose covers a cleaning area of 1300 square meters, making it an ideal tool for expansive cleaning tasks.

Not only is the Grandfalls G20 effective and convenient, but it is also safe. The unit adopts a multi-piston triangle pump with high-rated pressure, a compact structure, and high efficiency. It offers high current overload protection, with the protector disconnecting the circuit if the current is high for a short time, and automatically resetting after a certain period.

The Grandfalls G20 is available on Indiegogo for a pledge of $249, which offers a 28% discount on the planned retail price of $349. Despite the success of the crowdfunding campaign thus far, it’s important to remember that usual crowdfunding cautions apply. This unique pressure washer is all set to change the cleaning game forever, making outdoor cleaning operations effortless and enjoyable.

Grandfalls G20 Pressure Washer Auto Organization
Giraffe Tools mentions that you simply give the hose a light pull and it will automatically arrange itself neatly.

Source: Indiegogo