The Bruder EXP-7: Blending luxury with off-road dominance

Bruder EXP-7 Luxury Off-road Camper Trailer
Bruder unveils a new addition to its lineup of robust off-road trailers, expertly positioned between its esteemed EXP-6 series and the top-tier EXP-8 model. Images © Bruder

As Australia’s premier creator of luxurious and robust off-road camper trailers, Bruder continually amazes with its unique and thoughtfully engineered offerings. No matter how pricey these offerings might be, the company has continually shown resilience, proving that its market base is undeterred. In late 2021, Bruder introduced the EXP-8, an all-new flagship model which solidified its place in the market. Now, Bruder presents its all-new EXP-7, carefully positioned just below the EXP-8 and above the ever-popular EXP-6 in its lineup.

The Bruder EXP-7 not only offers more size and sleeping capacity than the EXP-8 but also adeptly combines some of the best features from the EXP-8 and EXP-6, resulting in a versatile indoor/outdoor base camp. This harmonious blend of features could arguably make it Bruder’s most appealing all-around trailer yet.

At 23 feet (7 m) in length, the new EXP-7 is approximately half a foot (15 cm) longer than the EXP-8 and a full foot (30 cm) longer than the EXP-6. But the EXP-8’s flagship status doesn’t merely rest on its size; it also includes Bruder’s most focused four-season performance package. This package is designed for extreme climates, capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -22 °F (-30 °C) to 140 °F (60 °C), and can perform at altitudes over 10,000 feet (3,048 m).

In contrast, the EXP-7, while still durable, is crafted for less extreme climatic conditions, similar to the other Bruder trailers preceding the EXP-8. This doesn’t mean it cannot endure harsh weather; it’s just not designed specifically for that purpose like the EXP-8.

The Bruder EXP-7 continues to embody the company’s commitment to ruggedness, featuring an airtight square-tube chassis and a 60-mm marine-grade closed-cell composite body. Both of these are designed to minimize vibrations and withstand the roughest of trails. The patented air suspension system uses two mono-tube remote-canister shocks at each wheel, enhancing the trailer’s travel and leveling capabilities.

Bruder EXP-7 Entry Doors
Distinct from the EXP-6, but similar to the EXP-8, the Bruder EXP-7 features rear-oriented entry doors on both sides.

One area where the EXP-7 deviates from the EXP-8 is in its incorporation of key features from the EXP-6. Just like the EXP-6, the EXP-7 comes in two variants: a fixed roof (GT) and a pop-top (PT) model. The electrically actuated pop-top is designed to lower the towing and storage height of the trailer, making it convenient for users. Conversely, the hard-roof GT is the preferred choice for those requiring maximum insulation and hard-wall protection.

Given that the Bruder EXP-7 is not primarily designed for extreme weather like the EXP-8, it reintroduces the concept of outdoor cooking. It offers an indoor/outdoor cooking setup similar to the EXP-6, complete with outdoor-access food storage, a portable dual-burner induction cooktop, and a sink. Both indoor and outdoor chefs will appreciate the easy access to cold storage, provided by a slide-out 57-L outdoor fridge/freezer and a 136-L door fridge/freezer inside.

Bruder EXP-7 Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen
Unlike the solely indoor kitchen of the EXP-8, the Bruder EXP-7 incorporates the versatile indoor/outdoor kitchen design reminiscent of earlier models.

The new EXP-7 provides sleeping space for up to six people in the PT model and four people in the GT model. Both variants feature a proper queen-size bed and sofa lounges. Other amenities include a bathroom with a hot/cold shower, sink, vanity, and a composting toilet, alongside a standard hot/cold outdoor shower.

The EXP-7’s electrical system includes a robust 10.8-kWh lithium battery bank, a 3,000-W inverter, and a 1,245-W roof-mounted solar array, in addition to AC and DC chargers, a full touchscreen power management system, and an abundance of AC, 12-V, and USB outlets. This powerful electrical system is half the capacity of the EXP-8, which is designed for extreme weather conditions, making the EXP-7 more suitable for the everyday adventurer.

Bruder EXP-7 Rooftop Solar Array
Empowering off-grid journeys, the Bruder EXP-7 features a 1,245-W rooftop solar array.

Other exciting features of the EXP-7 include triple-filtered dust-reduction pressurization, a 12V HD smart TV, and a diesel hydronic heating and hot water system. These functionalities ensure that the EXP-7 is as comfortable as it is rugged, proving its capabilities as an off-road vehicle that doesn’t compromise on luxury.

Bruder introduced the EXP-7 this month, with the PT model starting at US$160,250, and the GT variant going for a tad under US$166,000. Customers looking for additional features have the option to include an exterior tent for the outdoor shower, a 4,500-lb (2,040-kg) rear winch, a sound system, a Starlink internet prep package, a front-loading washing machine, and extra fresh water and battery capacity.

In summary, the Bruder EXP-7 serves as an impressive blend of luxury, ruggedness, and thoughtful design. Combining elements from its successful EXP-6 and EXP-8 models, Bruder has created a camper that meets a wide range of needs and preferences. Whether it’s the increased sleeping capacity, the carefully engineered chassis and body, or the convenient indoor/outdoor kitchen setup, the EXP-7 makes a strong case for being the most well-rounded offering in Bruder’s lineup to date. This latest addition continues to uphold Bruder’s reputation for delivering unparalleled off-road dominance, without compromising on comfort or luxury.

Bruder EXP-7 Power-Lift Roof
With a power-lift roof, the Bruder EXP-7 PT offers compact towing and storage, while maintaining ample interior headroom.

Source: Bruder