Single-wheel, recycled-tire mini motorbike leans back for wheelies

Make it Extreme Monotrack Bike
The Monotrack Bike's striking orange frame not only grabs attention but also serves as the backbone for its innovative, single-wheel design. Images © Make it Extreme

In a world increasingly invested in sustainability and recycling, vehicle customizer Make It Extreme has found a unique and exhilarating way to contribute. The company has unveiled its custom mini motorbike, known as the ‘Monotrack Bike,’ which incorporates a recycled car tire as its sole wheel. Not only does this project promote reusability, but it also offers a thrilling ride experience that stands out in the realm of motorbike innovation.

Concept and design

The Monotrack Bike’s core feature is the single recycled car tire wrapped around its body. To make it more flexible and easier to incorporate into the motorbike’s frame, the team at Make It Extreme removed the two sides of the tire. The result is a softer wheel that fits snugly within the bike’s frame.

The bike itself boasts a striking orange body frame that supports all its components. The engine is strategically placed just below the rider, allowing for a more balanced weight distribution. Footrests are provided at the front of the bike, which might compel riders to adopt a reclining position while holding onto the handlebars. The custom build culminated in a successful test run, where the bike seemed to “blaze through roads like a lightning bolt,” according to the team.

Performance and ride experience

The Monotrack Bike is built for excitement, allowing the rider to lean back for performing wheelie stunts. But that’s not all. When braking, the bike tilts forward, causing the rider to lean in almost a bowing motion before coming to a full stop. Despite its radical moves, the bike’s mechanisms have been meticulously crafted to ensure stability. It only sways back and forth during its movement, making the ride not just exciting but also relatively safe.

Make it Extreme Monotrack Bike Wheelie Stunts
Riders can lean back on the Monotrack Bike to effortlessly perform wheelie stunts.

As of now, the bike has only been tested on smooth roads. However, given the way the recycled tire has been adapted and stretched, it’s conceivable that the bike could handle rougher terrains as well. The team strongly recommends using a helmet for safe wheelie riding and desert cruising.

Technical details

The Monotrack Bike is powered by a 100cc 2-stroke scooter engine. The single wheel, also referred to as a crawler, spins on five additional metallic rollers made from 80mm wide metallic tubes. Three of these rollers are situated at the front and are connected to the engine via a variable connection, allowing for stretch control. The remaining two rollers are at the back and are connected to the front via a scissor mechanism, supported by three springs for vibration absorption.

Make it Extreme Monotrack Bike Engine
Powered by a 100cc 2-stroke scooter engine, the Monotrack Bike strategically placing the engine just below the rider for optimal weight distribution.

Pricing and availability

As this project is numbered 0100 and designed to thank Make It Extreme’s viewers for their loyalty, there are no current indications of mass production or pricing details. Those interested in a similar custom build might need to reach out to Make It Extreme for individualized quotes.

Make it Extreme Monotrack Bike Side View
The Monotrack Bike incorporates a recycled car tire as its sole wheel, modified by removing the sides for flexibility.

Source: Make It Extreme