Monster Chopper with KTM power features hydraulic steering

Grind Hard Monster Chopper
Once operational, the Monster Chopper will harness the power of a 150-horsepower KTM V-twin engine, promising significant thrust and performance. Images courtesy Grind Hard Plumbing Co.

In the quiet outskirts of northern Idaho, about 70 miles from Spokane, Washington, a unique and bold project is taking shape, manifesting as a mammoth motorcycle with attributes that are nothing short of eye-catching. The Grind Hard Plumbing Co., a team known for their outlandish and innovative creations, is at the helm of this endeavor, crafting what can only be described as a hybrid of a motorcycle and a monster truck. This “Monster Chopper,” powered by a KTM engine, is a testament to the team’s creative prowess and their knack for pushing the boundaries of conventional vehicle design.

The inception of the Grind Hard Plumbing Co. is as unconventional as their projects. Initially, they might have engaged in regular plumbing work, but their trajectory took a drastic turn after achieving viral fame in 2018. Their YouTube channel skyrocketed in popularity following their successful experiment of installing a Honda engine into a Barbie car. Since then, the team’s focus has shifted predominantly to YouTube, where they share their audacious projects with a growing audience. Their channel boasts an impressive 360 million views, a testament to the widespread interest in their unique endeavors.

Among the Grind Hard team’s notable projects are the world’s fastest snow bike, a rapid shopping trolley, a 100-horsepower micro jet boat, a giant RX7 rotary-powered drift trike, and an “ultimate off-road” Tesla Model 3. Each project showcases their ability to blend creativity with mechanical expertise, resulting in machines that are as extraordinary as they are functional.

The latest undertaking, the Monster Chopper, is a bold fusion of a motorcycle and a monster truck. The heart of this beast is a KTM 1190 Adventure V-twin engine, which boasts approximately 150 horsepower. The most striking feature, however, is its pair of 46-inch monster truck wheels, complete with heavy-duty mud tires. These gigantic wheels are connected by a steel tube trellis frame, elegantly crafted and robust. The bike also features single-sided swingarms for wheel suspension.

Grind Hard Monster Chopper Test Ride
The Monster Chopper underwent a test run powered by gravity, showcasing its hydraulic steering capabilities.

Ethan Schlussler, a key member of the Grind Hard team, describes the goal as building “the most absurd, Mad Maxy, apocalyptic choppery thing ever, with a beautiful engine.” While performance may not be the primary focus, the entertainment value of this project is undeniable.

The bike’s colossal size posed unique challenges, particularly in steering. Traditional methods were impractical, given the height of the front axle and the size of the front wheel. The solution? A hydraulic steering system, featuring a drive piston actuated by the handlebar and a slave piston near the wheel hub. This system, though initially plagued with a delayed response, was refined to provide adequate steering after the introduction of larger hydraulic lines.

Grind Hard Monster Chopper Frame and Swingarms
The Monster Chopper is built with a massive steel tube trellis frame and single-sided swingarms.

The Monster Chopper’s first test ride, powered by gravity rather than its engine, revealed its capabilities and limitations. While the suspension performed admirably, the bike’s sheer size and the flat profile of its tires made maneuvering a challenge, leading to a minor collision with a fence post.

As of now, pricing information for this unique chopper is not available, as it remains a custom project under development. The Grind Hard team is dedicated to seeing this project through to completion and showcasing its full potential in upcoming videos. Their enthusiasm and innovative spirit are sure to keep their audience eagerly anticipating the next phase of the Monster Chopper’s journey.

Source: Grind Hard Plumbing Co.