The Onyx Unmanned Ground Vehicle: A robust amphibious drone for diverse terrains

Amphibious Drone Onyx Unmanned Ground Vehicle
The Onyx amphibious drone tackles rough terrain on land or 50 meters underwater. Images courtesy Deep Trekker

In a remarkable innovation for remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), the Canadian company Deep Trekker introduces the Onyx Unmanned Ground Vehicle. This amphibious drone is meticulously designed to operate seamlessly on rough terrains as well as underwater, bridging the gap between conventional ROVs that predominantly function either on land or underwater.

Deep Trekker, renowned for manufacturing high-end ROVs, now presents the Onyx, a marvel in engineering that emulates the aesthetics of the company’s other illustrious creations, the Revolution ROVs. Unlike the traditional ROVs, the Onyx is fortified with four motorized wheels encompassed with all-terrain rubber tires, which bequeath it with the remarkable ability to traverse over a multitude of obstacles both on land and under water.

The Onyx showcases impressive versatility as it can effortlessly maneuver down to a substantial depth of 50 meters (164 feet) underwater, and across rugged land terrains. While operating on land, the Onyx boasts of wireless control functionality, however, underwater operations necessitate it to be tethered to a communication cable.

The unmanned ground vehicle is accompanied by a user-friendly handheld remote, complete with an integrated 7-inch LCD screen, which facilitates real-time display of live video feeds from the vehicle’s cameras.

Amphibious Drone Onyx Unmanned Ground Vehicle 6061 Aluminum
The Onyx’s body is made primarily of anodized 6061 aluminum.

Standard configurations of the Onyx feature a 1080p front-facing camera, which is remotely tiltable and supported by four potent LED spotlights emitting a total of 1,100 lumens to navigate dark environments. Optional upgrades include a remarkable 4K camera and the choice to enhance visibility with additional cameras mounted on the rear and sides.

Amphibious Drone Onyx Unmanned Ground Vehicle LiDAR Module
The Onyx can be optionally outfitted with a LiDAR module.

Driven by a 232-Wh lithium-ion battery, the Onyx promises a commendable battery life, providing up to two hours of operation on a single charge. Alternatively, the vehicle supports the option to be connected to an external power source for extended usability.

The Onyx Unmanned Ground Vehicle is not just about power and performance; it’s also crafted meticulously with dimensions of 599 mm in length, 428 mm in width, and 250 mm in height, and it weighs in at 26.5 kg. The vehicle prides itself on a maximum speed of 1.1 meters per second.

Amphibious Drone Onyx Unmanned Ground Vehicle Sonar Module
The Onyx equipped with an optional sonar module.

For specialized applications, the Onyx is adaptable with a range of accessories such as sonar or LiDAR modules, making it an ideal choice for various critical missions like disaster response, hazardous materials handling, security patrolling, mine mapping, and industrial inspections.

As for the investment, the starting price for acquiring the Onyx Unmanned Ground Vehicle is set at US$43,000. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Source: Deep Trekker