Masterful craftsmanship: The handmade wooden Tesla Cybertruck

Wooden Tesla Cybertruck Van Dao
A father-son team handcrafted a fully functional, wooden replica of the Tesla Cybertruck in an impressive 100-day build challenge. Images courtesy ND – Woodworking Art / YouTube

In a remarkable feat of craftsmanship, a father-and-son duo has channeled their woodworking prowess into creating a fully functional, wooden replica of Elon Musk’s much-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck. This endeavor, marked by dedication and precision, unfolded over a mere 100 days. The meticulous process and the impressive outcome are a testament to the ingenuity and skill of Truong Van Dao, the father behind the operation, and his son, who together run the ND – Woodworking Art channel.

The journey of this wooden Tesla Cybertruck began with the assembly of a metal frame, which laid the foundation for the vehicle’s iconic geometric shape. Van Dao’s approach was methodical, soldering the joints and affixing wheels to test the stability and functionality of the structure that would soon be enveloped in wood.

Next, the duo embarked on crafting the vehicle’s wooden skin. The exterior was shaped from light-hued wood, unmistakably heralding the vehicle as a wooden sculpture, while the interior was lined with dark-polished wood pieces, meticulously cut and assembled like a complex jigsaw puzzle. The contrast in wood tones not only emphasizes the meticulous detail of the craftsmanship but also serves to highlight the Cybertruck’s futuristic design.

The wooden replica mirrors the Cybertruck’s functionality, not merely serving as a model but as a drivable vehicle. Wooden rims were carefully carved and attached, with every spoke detailed to perfection, further exemplifying Van Dao’s commitment to authenticity and functionality. The interior, too, did not escape his attention, with bucket-seat-style seats carved from wood and a steering wheel designed to evoke the nostalgia of arcade racing games.

Wooden Tesla Cybertruck Exterior
The Cybertruck boasts a detailed wooden exterior and intricately carved wooden tire spokes.

Van Dao’s dedication shone through the finer details, including the installation of a bright LED light strip at the front, reminiscent of the yet-to-be-released official Tesla Cybertruck. The homage to Musk was further expressed through the artistic chiseling of a giant ‘X’—a nod to Twitter’s new ownership—coated in white paint to enhance its visibility.

The wooden Cybertruck’s unveiling was not the end of this creative journey. Complementing the Cybertruck, a fully functional Tesla Cyberquad was also crafted from wood for Van Dao’s son, demonstrating a family tradition of woodworking and an eagerness to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with this organic material.

Wooden Tesla Cybertruck LED Light Strip
Mirroring the upcoming Tesla model, Van Dao enhances his wooden Cybertruck with a bright LED light strip.

The creators documented their process in a video that not only showcases the painstaking labor that went into the project but also captures moments of humanization, such as taking breaks for junk food or the family dog’s presence, lending the project an endearing quality.

In a poignant message addressed to Elon Musk, Van Dao acknowledged the challenges Tesla has faced in realizing the Cybertruck, yet he expressed unwavering faith in Musk’s vision and Tesla’s capabilities. With a heartfelt invitation, Van Dao offered this wooden masterpiece as a gift to Musk and Tesla, in hopes of honoring their continued innovation and success.

Wooden Tesla Cybertruck and Cyberquad
The father also built a wooden Tesla Cyberquad for his son.

While the official Tesla Cybertruck’s delivery has been postponed with Musk announcing a tentative delivery date for the first batch in November 2023, this wooden replica stands as a singular achievement and a source of inspiration for Tesla enthusiasts and woodworking aficionados alike.

The father-and-son team at ND – Woodworking Art have not only paid tribute to the Tesla Cybertruck but have also demonstrated the powerful interplay between traditional artisanship and modern innovation. Their wooden Tesla Cybertruck is a vivid reminder that with skill, patience, and dedication, the boundary between art and technology can be seamlessly bridged, even in 100 days.

Wooden Tesla Cyberquad
The custom wooden Cyberquad sits at the back of the Cybertruck.

Source: ND – Woodworking Art